Zumba Convention 2018 Dates

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Interested in attending Zumba Convention 2018? Well, here’s the first thing you need to know – the Zumba Convention 2018 dates!

Zumba Convention 2018 Dates

What are the Zumba Convention 2018 Dates?

Zumba Convention 2018 will be held in Orlando from July 26-29, 2018.

Where Is Zumba Convention Held?

Although there have been ZinCons held around the world, the 2018 event will be held in Orlando, FL. Though the exact location hasn’t been published yet, the event typically spans the Hyatt and Orlando Convention Center. In some years, there have been sessions at nearby hotels, the Rosen and the Hilton.

What Is Zumba Convention Like?

The best way for me to tell you what ZinCon is like is to show you with my vlogs. In 2015 and 2017 I filmed a daily vlog for each day of the event. And even some before/after travel footage. You can watch those videos via the following playlist or by checking out my YouTube channel:

You can also click here to check out my Zumba Convention page, which has links to my past ZinCon blog posts if you want to see photos from past events and read about my experiences attending every year since 2011.

More Questions?

Be sure to check out my Zumba Convention FAQ page where I may have already posted the answer to your question.

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Note: I’m not affiliated with Zumba or Zumba Convention. I’m just a big fan who has attended seven ZinCons at the time of this blog post. I thought it would be helpful to share some of the tips and tricks I would have loved to have had when I first started attending. 

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    • Hi Leticia, I’m not affiliated with Zumba, but you can check their official web site for more details and get info to sign up: http://convention.zumba.com. Note: They still have the 2017 info up. They usually put the next year up closer to the event (early 2018 is my estimate based on previous years). Thanks!


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