ZinCon 2018 Registration is Open!

For my Zumba friends, ZinCon 2018 registration is open! Did you register yet? I did mine yesterday! Who else is going? Read on for some tips…

ZinCon 2018 Registration is Open!

Registration Tips

There’s no right or wrong way to register for convention. But here are some of my tips:

  • Figure out what you want out of Zumba Convention. Then, register accordingly. Do you want to learn choreo? Learn a new style of dance? Be inspired? Be amazed by a huge class? See your favorite presenter?
  • Read the session descriptions before registering. Or at least have it up on another screen so you can figure out what the different sessions are as you go through registration. When you register, it will only show you session names.
  • Sessions sell out fast. In the past, the most well known sessions or at least those by famous┬áZES/presenters would sell out fast. In the last couple years, I’m seeing smaller sessions go. The choreo / ZJ sessions seem to be really popular. Guess you guys want to learn choreo, eh?
  • Personally, I’ve never done a training at Zumba Convention. Why? Because trainings are easy to get throughout the year (at least in my area). But these flavors and other unique sessions only happen once a year – at ZinCon. Why spend my precious Zumba Convention time slots on something I can get any time of year?

What are your registration tips? Share them in a comment for others who are registering.

How Much Does Zumba Convention 2018 Cost?

There is an early bird registration cost of $399. You can get this if you register by March 3, 2018. Note: the email says by March 3 but the web site says March 5 for the early bird deadline. So I’m not sure which is correct, but I wouldn’t push my luck.

After that, pricing will go up to $449.

Do you want to know how much the whole trip will cost with airfare, hotel, food, etc? I’m working on a full price break down, so stay tuned for that. Or better yet, sign up for my email newsletter so you get an email when that goes live. There are optins in the sidebar and footer of this blog.

More Zumba Convention 2018 Tips

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More Questions?

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Do you have more Zumba Convention questions? Leave me a comment, tweet me, or comment on my videos, and I’ll try to put together a blog post and / or video to answer!


Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Zumba. I’m just a huge fan who wants to share tips to help others planning to attend Zumba Convention.

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