Say This for Comfort in Difficult Times

When I was going through my divorce, it often felt like my entire world was crashing down on me. My days were very up and down. And the down days were very hard to manage through. My high vibe habits made a HUGE difference. And I found myself turning to inspirational quotes to help. This may seem like a light-weight solution, but they were very powerful for me. There were a few that especially helped me through this time, and I wanted to share one for current times and future challenges. Say this for comfort in difficult times…

“This too shall pass”

It became a bit of a mantra for me. And I hope it can become a helpful mantra for you too.

>> Feeling overwhelmed -> “This too shall pass”

>> Heart hurting so bad it feels like it’s physically breaking -> “This too shall pass”

>> Seeming like it will always be this way -> “This too shall pass”

Any time you’re feeling like you’re hurting and you’re concerned that it will never get better, do this:

  • Remind yourself that you’ve been through challenges and difficult times before, and you’ve overcome those.
  • Remember that you may have felt this same way back then, and you felt better with time.
  • If you’ve overcome difficult times, you will certainly do it again.
  • Affirm: this too shall pass. *repeat as needed*
  • Trust that things will get better with time.

Personally, when times were hardest, I’d cycle through this multiple times a day. And it truly did give me nearly instant comfort in additional to helping me feel hopeful.

Remember, storms don’t last forever.

I hope you’ve found something here to help you through whatever you’re going through. If you want to chat more, you can email or DM me any time (Instagram is the best place to reach me).

Sending you hugs!

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What is a quote that has helped give you comfort in difficult times? Comment below!

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