Ready to make a vision board and manifest your dreams NOW?! Keep reading to learn about the best vision board supplies – what you need to make it powerful AND beautiful!

Since there are many types of vision boards, I’ll be breaking this down into different sections. Learn more about the basics of vision boards on my Vision Board Ultimate Guide. Vision boards are a super fun and easy manifestation technique that any level can do. Enjoy!

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Best Vision Board Supplies to Make the Perfect Vision Board

Perfect Vision Board Supplies

There is no ONE set of vision board supplies that will be perfect for everyone. Especially for what will be most powerful and most beautiful for YOU.

Think of art. Some artists like drawing, some like painting, while some like music for their choice of art. In a similar way, many of you will like classic paper vision boards while some of you will prefer to make your vision board on Pinterest.

The most perfect supplies will therefore be the ones that are the best fit for you. I’ve grouped the best vision board supplies below by type and form. Take a look at your options and notice what you gravitate towards. Choose a mix of practical (what fits your ideal vision board) and woo (what you gravitate towards intuitively).

Digital Vision Board Supplies and Materials

Digital vision boards are made on your computer or device. They’re online. Since this list will be short, we’ll start here.

What You Need to Make a Digital Vision Board

  • A device
    • Computer
    • Tablet
    • Phone
  • Digital photos or other imagery (quotes, graphics, etc.)
  • Software
    • Canva
    • Pinterest
    • Google Slides
    • Etc. – basically a tool where you’ll put your digital vision board together
  • Templates (optional):
    • Desktop wallpaper templates
    • Mobile wallpaper templates
    • And other others – the sky’s the limit!

Templates are totally optional since you can freestyle your design. But if you’re not artistically-inclined, don’t feel like creating your own layout, or just want a faster & easier solution, templates may be a good choice for you. You can get gorgeous vision board templates in either my Prep for Success Bundle or Vision Board Party.

These can be made most quickly since the supplies for physical vision boards can take longer to buy and collect.

Physical /Paper Vision Board Supplies and Materials

There are SO many types of physical vision boards. These are the kind made with paper, glue, thumbtacks, and other physical materials.

The Basics: What You Need to Make Most Physical/Paper Vision Boards

Best Glue for Vision Boards

Does anyone else remember elementary school craft projects? Ah the scent of rubber cement in the air. Y’all…that stuff is messy. May I introduce you to some more modern and advanced glue options for a better vision board making experience.

These glue options are less messy and you don’t have to wait on the Tombows to dry – just roll, stick, and go:

If you love arts and crafts, you’ll especially love making physical vision boards. They’re super fun to make!


The type of supplies you’ll need to create a vision board depend entirely on the type of vision board you want to make. I’ve shared supplies by type above, so hopefully you found one of the lists helpful. Vision boards are also not too differently (material-wise) from craft projects, so let your arts & crafts side shine and use your favorite materials.

And if you want to learn what takes a vision board from craft project to powerful manifestation tool, check out my Vision Board Prep for Success Bundle here.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my post about Vision Board Supplies {What You Need to Make It Powerful AND Beautiful}. Comment below what your essential vision board supplies are. Cheers!