Looking for some powerful affirmations to boost your confidence and build your self-esteem? Then you’re in the right place! I’m sharing 111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem to become more empowered today in this very post.

111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem
You’ll love these affirmations for confidence and self-esteem

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts with These Affirmations for Self Confidence

Self-confidence affirmations are a great way to convert your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. They help re-train your brain to help grow from low self-esteem and build your confidence up with positive thinking and positive self-talk.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. If you pay attention to your negative self-talk and other negative thinking, you can start to notice limiting beliefs, false truths, and other thoughts that are not supportive of your highest good.

You can begin to question these thoughts and limiting beliefs, which can bring a subconscious belief system that was holding you back to light. This is important because your subconscious mind actually drives as much as 95% of your day! Now that you’re more aware of this, you can realize that you may not even actually believe the thoughts that were unconsciously floating through your mind. And you can re-write those negative thoughts with new positive statements that are more supportive of how you truly want to live.

By focusing your attention on positive statements, you can re-wire your subconscious to believe more positive thoughts. And your thoughts matter! Why? Because your thoughts drive your beliefs, your beliefs drive your actions, and your actions drive your life overall.

Re-writing your negative thoughts can be a powerful tool to cultivate a more positive mindset that can help change your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and life overall. And you can re-write negative thoughts that are hurting your confidence with some of these 111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem. Use daily affirmations like these as a starting point and feel free to edit the wording so it feels most true to you.


Why the Number 111 Is Important for Self Confidence Affirmations

The number 111 is a powerful angel number related to successful manifesting. Whether you believe in manifestation and the Law of Attraction or not, this was one little way that I am infusing high vibe energy into these 111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem so it helps reach you! Every little bit helps, right?


111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem

Add these to your daily routine by choosing your favorite affirmations to use every single day for building confidence. Or use them as often feels good to you. Harness the power of positive affirmation with this list.

Here are 111 of my favorite affirmations for confidence and self-esteem:

My confidence grows stronger every day

1. My confidence grows stronger every day.
2. I am enough.
3. I like the person I’m becoming.
4. I am on track to live life exactly as I’ve always dreamed I would. 
5. I am proud of who I am.
6. I have all the confidence I need to tackle the day ahead.
7. I have what it takes to achieve all that I desire.
8. I am powerful.

"I move through life knowing that I am always divinely protected and guided."~Bob Proctor

9. “I move through life knowing that I am always divinely protected and guided.” ~Bob Proctor
10. I breathe in confidence and exhale fear.
11. I was born worthy. 
12. I choose to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts for my highest good.
13. My imperfections make me perfectly me.
14. I am confident. 
15. I take aligned action to co-create the life of my dreams.
16. I am beautiful inside and out.
17. I accept myself and all that I am now and always.
18. I can overcome whatever challenges come my way.
19. It is safe to be seen.
20. I am ready to step into the most confident version of myself.

I uplevel my life with ease | positive affirmation | affirmations for confidence and self-esteem

21. I uplevel my life with ease.
22. I love myself. 
23. Amazing things happen for me every day.
24. I am stronger than my fears.
25. I choose to step out of my comfort zone to make magic happen.
26. I can do hard things.
27. I may have low self-esteem today, but I’m building my confidence more every day.
28. I am good enough.
29. I live life boldly and brightly. 

"I love and accept myself exactly as I am" ~Louise Hay | Positive Affirmation

30. “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” ~Louise Hay
31. I have everything I need to achieve my goals.
32. I deserve the compliments that I receive.
33. I am confident in who I am now and who I’m becoming.
34. My contributions are valued by the world. 
35. I am growing for myself.
36. The younger version of me would be so proud of who I am today.
37. My life is beautiful.
38. I am allowed to be myself as I naturally am.

My voice matters

39. My voice matters.
40. I replace negative self-talk with positive words that are more aligned with my true self
41. I choose to be confident today.
42. I can handle any challenge that comes my way.
43. I am worthy of all that I desire. 
44. I will not compare myself with someone else’s highlight reel on social media. My life is amazing on its own.
45. I stand up for myself. 
46. I have the power to create the life of my dreams.
47. I will tackle the day ahead with confidence.
48. I am beautifully unique in the world.
49. I see my value and know my worth unyielding to any BS others try to throw my way.

All I need to succeed is within me | confidence affirmation

50. All I need to succeed is within me.
51. “I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.” ~Louise Hay
52. I believe in myself and my abilities.
53. I am ready for my confidence to increase.
54. My inner strength is powerful, and I can tap into it with ease. 
55. I am dripping with confidence. 
56. I deserve good things.
57. I won’t settle for less than my dream life.
58. I am stronger than my doubts.
59. I shine brightly like a diamond.
60. I don’t need to earn my worth. I’ve was born worthy. Always have been, always will be!

I choose to believe in myself | self-confidence affirmation

61. I choose to believe in myself.
62. I am worthy.
63. I handle stressful situations with confidence.
64. I am in the right place at the right time.
65. I don’t need to be fixed because I’m not broken. But I can choose to grow as I desire.
66. I receive compliments with open arms.
67. I am a confident person.
68. People love to be around me.
69. I am allowed to take up space.
70. I attract miracles into my life with ease.
71. No one can tell me who to be. I choose who I am and how I live my life.

I am growing into the best version of me | confidence affirmation

72. I am growing into the best version of me.
73. I am strong, smart, and sophisticated. 
74. I love myself just as I am.
75. I have a positive outlook on life.
76. I am proud of all that I’ve accomplished and all that I will soon achieve.
77. I can do anything I set my mind to.
78. I am confident in my decisions.
79. I move through life with confidence.
80. I am beautiful.

I love who I am right the f*ck now!

81. I love who I am right the f*ck now!
82. I don’t need others to believe in me because *I* believe in myself.
83. I own my strength.
84. I have all that I need to live the life of my dreams.
85. My confidence is next level!
86. I am enough now and always.
87. I may have a bad day but I have a great life.
88. I make the world a better place.
89. “I stand on my own two feet and I speak up for myself” ~Bob Proctor
90. My actions make waves. 

I am confident, strong, and successful

91. I am confident, strong, and successful.
92. I am worthy of love. 
93. The more I choose to be confident, the more confident I become.
94. I love who I’m becoming.
95. I have the power to live life as boldly as I want.
96. I am perfectly ME!
97. I attract the best because I deserve the best.
98. I do no harm but take no sh*t.
99. My soul-aligned friends love me.

I am whole and complete as I am now

100. I am whole and complete as I am now.
101. “I don’t have to justify anything, my existence is justification enough.” ~Louise Hay
102. I achieve great things with ease.
103. I know my worth.
104. I radiate confidence brightly and naturally. 
105. I deserve to be happy.
106. I am ready to receive all the good that life has to offer. 
107. I love and respect myself.
108. I trust myself.
109. I love the beautiful journey of my life I’ve experienced so far, and I’m excited for what is coming next. 
110. I am worthy of my dream life.

Confidence flows to me with ease | affirmations to build self-esteem

111. Confidence flows to me with ease.

Hope you find some positive thoughts from these 111 Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem that resonate with you. Feel free to begin using these to overcome negative self-talk. And be sure to choose the affirmations or use these ideas to write your own affirmations so they feel most true to you.

Affirmations are one of the best ways to foster a positive attitude, improve your mental health, get through a difficult time, manifest positive things, and boost your confidence. Save this page so you can use this list of positive affirmations again and again!


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