How to Use the 369 Manifestation Method to Manifest Anything You Want!

Want to learn how to use the 369 Manifestation Method to manifest anything you want? You’re in the right place! Because in this blog post, I’m going to explain what this powerful Law of Attraction technique is, provide the steps on how to use it, and share tips and examples to help you manifest love, money, your dream job, or anything else your heart desires! Let’s go!

How to Do the 369 Manifestation Method

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What Is the 369 Manifestation Method?

The 369 manifestation method is a powerful writing technique that you can use to manifest anything. You choose what you want to manifest, write an affirmation for it, and then write that affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day, and 9 times at night.

This simple technique is really trendy right now. So you may have seen it in a TikTok video (or a few hundred of them). Maybe you heard about it on YouTube. Or your friend may have mentioned it to you.

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here!

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions for how to use this powerful tool plus some tips to help you manifest successfully!

Where Does the 369 Method Come From?

The 369 Manifestation Method was created by Karin Yee, who is a level III Reiki Master, Intuitive Astrologer trained in eastern and western astrology, and certified EFT Master Practitioner. She shares how she was able to successfully manifest money in her blog post titled, “How I Manifested $10,165.46 with Nikola Tesla Code 369 Method“. Pretty cool, right?!

By the way, Karin actually calls the technique the “Tesla Code 369 method”.

But why 3-6-9? What’s so special about these numbers, right?

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 aren’t random numbers. She was actually inspired by someone you most likely have heard of before.

Inventor Nikola Tesla’s Divine Numbers (3, 6, 9)

According to inventor Nikola Tesla, the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are divine numbers. He had a fascination (and some even claim obsession) with the magnificence of the numbers.

Tesla allegedly said:

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe

The numbers apparently show up again and again in history, nature, and science. There are quite a few articles (like this one) that explain the many theories behind Tesla’s numbers. I’ll stick to the manifestation method in this blog post and let you research those separately if you’re interested.

Women writing

What Can You Manifest with the 369 Manifestation Method?

You can manifest ANYTHING with the 369 Manifestation Technique.

Here’s a list of things people most commonly want to manifest with the 369:

  • A new job
  • Money
  • Love
  • A text message
  • A specific Person
  • A free hotel room
  • Free travel
  • A larger bank account
  • Social media success
  • A love interest
  • A dream job
  • New relationships

But anything is possible, so choose what YOU truly want to manifest.

How to Do the 369 Manifestation Method in 6 Simple Steps

Wondering, “How do I do the 369 manifestation method?” Follow these 6 steps:

  1. Choose one thing to manifest
  2. Write a positive affirmation for what you want to manifest
  3. Write the affirmation 3 times in the morning
  4. Write the affirmation 6 times in the day
  5. Write the affirmation 9 times at night
  6. Repeat

And then repeat this daily! That’s it. This is a super simple method of manifestation.

Let’s go into more detail on each of these 369 manifestation method steps. I’ll be sharing some extra tips for success in each step detail below.

6 Steps to Do the 369 Manifestation Method
The perfect number of steps for this technique, no? I guess 3 or 9 would have been okay too. 😉

Step 1: Choose one specific thing to manifest

You certainly can manifest multiple things at one time. I know because I’ve done it. But when it comes to using the 369 Manifestation Method, the first step is to focus on manifesting one thing. It’s important to focus on one specific desire or desired outcome. Choose whatever is resonating most strongly with you, and focus on that.

You can always do this technique again for the next thing you want to manifest later.

For now, choose one thing. And be sure to be specific. If you say you want more money, well, you could manifest $1. If you really want more, claim the exact amount you truly desire.

For this example, let’s say you want to manifest $1,000.

Step 2: Write a positive affirmation for what you want to manifest

The next step is to set a clear intention by writing an affirmation for what you want to manifest using the 369 manifestation method. You’ll want to write it in present tense as though you already have it.

How to Write Affirmations for the 369 Manifestation Method

Write a positive statement that clearly states what you want BUT it must be written as though you already have it. Like: “I am a wealthy woman” or “I am loved”.

Be specific about exactly what you want.

It’s important for the affirmation to be something you can believe. So if the affirmation you write feels too out of reach, try rewriting it to something that feels better and more believable to you.

Remember these six 369 manifestation affirmation tips:

  1. Make it positive
  2. Write it present tense
  3. Use “I” so it’s from your perspective
  4. State it as though you already have it
  5. Be specific
  6. Make it believable to you

To amplify the power of your affirmation, consider adding in feelings or combining your affirmation with the 17-second rule. See next two sections for details.

Keep scrolling for 369 manifestation affirmations examples at the end of this post.

Feelings Are Key

Another key is to include feelings in your statement to amplify the power of the affirmation.

Thoughts are powerful, but feelings really amplify things. You’ll want to feel positive feelings each time you write your affirmation in steps 3-5.

Combining the 369 Manifestation Method with the 17-Second Rule by Abraham Hicks

Karin Yee, the creator of the 369 manifestation technique, recommends pairing her method with the 17-second rule by Abraham Hicks. Abraham Hicks calls 17 seconds the “combustion point” for manifestation. If you can hold pure thought for 17 seconds, you activate the Law of Attraction.

So, she recommends writing a statement that takes longer than 17 seconds to read/say. I like to think of this as a nice bonus, so no worries if your affirmation is short.

369 Manifestation Affirmation Examples to Manifest $1,000

Back to our example for manifesting $1,000, our positive affirmation could be one of the following:

  • Thank you for the $1,000 that I gladly receive with open arms and expansive joy.
  • I’m so happy and grateful to receive $1,000 in my bank account, and I feel so abundant and wealthy with this beautiful overflow of money.
  • I’m so excited, happy, and filled with joy to receive $1,000 out of the blue. Thank you, Universe for this amazing gift.
  • Thank you, Universe/God/your higher power, for the $1,000 that I so happily welcome and receive.

Be sure to write your own affirmation so that it feels really good and resonates with you.

So, how do you use your affirmation once you have it?

If you say an affirmation a handful of times, you may get some good results. But to truly reprogram your subconscious mind and amplify your manifestation energy, you’ll need repetition. At least for this technique. This is where the next set of steps shines.

Women writing

Step 3: Write the affirmation 3 times in the morning

Here’s what to do with your affirmation. You’re going to write your affirmation three times in the morning. Some people recommend to write it first thing. But any time in the morning should be fine.

The MOST important part about writing your affirmation is to really FEEL into what you’re writing.

Get into the energy and feelings that you’d experience if you were receiving what you want to manifest. As we know from my Law of Attraction for Beginners blog post, feelings are more important than thoughts.

For our example: If you wanted to manifest $1,000 and you just got it, how would you feel?

Feel THAT while you’re writing your affirmation out, and let yourself be filled with positive energy.

Step 4: Write the affirmation 6 times in the day

Next, you’ll want to write your affirmation six times sometime in the middle of the day.

Again, specific times aren’t as important as really feeling into your affirmation. This will help you align to the energetic vibration of what you’re calling in. When you’re a vibrational match, it will come right to you through Law of Attraction. As we know, like attracts like.

Step 5: Write the affirmation 9 times at night

Finally, you’ll want to write your affirmation nine times at night as the last step. You can do this in the evening or right before bed.

As with the previous two steps, be sure to feel into the positive feelings you’d experience as your affirmation was really happening.

369 Manifestation Method Example to Manifest Money
Neat handwriting not necessary for manifestation success 😉

Step 6: Repeat

Unlike some other manifestation techniques that are done all at one time, the 369 Manifestation Method is all about repetition. So you’ll want to repeat the process every day for a period of time.

369 Method Workbook Preview

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For How Many Days Should I Write / Do the 369 Manifestation Method?

When you want to know the “how” for a manifestation technique, I find it best to go to the source. According to Karin Yee, you should do the 369 Manifestation Method for 33 or 45 days. Though she didn’t explain how she got to those numbers, my guess is that they tie to the divine numbers 3, 6, and 9:

  • 33: has the number 3 in it twice and 3+3 = 6
  • 45: 4+5 = 9

Personally, I’d recommend any number of days that gets to a derivative of 3, 6, or 9 in some way:

  • 3 days
  • 6 days
  • 9 days
  • 12 days: 3+9 = 12 (also 1+2 = 3)
  • 15 days: 6+9 = 15 (also 1+5 = 6)
  • 33 (as mentioned above)
  • 45 (also mentioned above)
  • Etc.
Women writing

Where Do I Write My 369 Positive Affirmation to Use the 369 Manifestation Method?

You can write your affirmations in your manifestation journal, manifestation planner, your regular journal, on any notebook, on a piece of paper, or in daily journal pages like these designed just for using the 369 manifestation method.

You can write your manifestation affirmations anywhere! I’ve heard that manifestation is more powerful when written on physical paper because of the way our brains work. However, some people choose to “write” their daily affirmations on their computer.

The most important thing is to get into the feeling of already having the thing you want to manifest and really feel into that positive energy to attract your desire to you.

Using the 369 Manifestation Method in Your Daily Life

Incorporating the 369 Manifestation Method into your daily life is relatively simple since it only takes a couple minutes three times per day. As you continue writing your affirmation each day, you’ll reprogram your subconscious mind, build positive momentum, and come into vibrational alignment for your desire. This will help you bring your manifestation to your life!

How Fast Does the 369 Manifestation Method Work? How Long Until I See Results?

Manifestation has no rules or laws about timing. It’s possible to manifest things instantly. If you have a manifestation block, you may have to remove the block and clear a path before it comes to you. Even so, I’ve seen countless success stories of results from a couple days to 30-ish days.

For many, the 369 Manifestation Method is one of the fastest manifestation techniques out there.

What to Do if the 369 Manifestation Method Isn’t Working for You

I personally believe that whilst manifestation techniques are great, you don’t really need them to manifest. All you need to do is become a vibrational match for your desire, get into high vibe energy, and get your mindset working with you.

Successful manifestation is about 3 keys:

  • manifestation
  • mindset
  • high vibes.

If you’re not seeing results with the 369 method, you may be missing one of those components or you may have a manifestation block. Click here for my free masterclass on How to Overcome Your Manifestation Blocks.

369 Manifestation Affirmations Examples

Text reads: 369 Method Affirmation Examples to manifest your dream life. Background image is some notebooks with someone writing

When it comes to using the 369 Manifestation Method, you can manifest ANYTHING! The 6 steps above work no matter what you want to manifest. The key to getting what you want is all about using the right affirmation. Here are some 369 Manifestation Affirmations Examples.

Remember to edit these following the tips above in the How to Write Affirmations for the 369 Manifestation Method, as needed.

369 Manifestation Method Affirmation Examples for Love

Text reads: 369 Manifestation Method Example for Love. Background image is a couple embracing.

Try a 369 manifestation method example for love.

  • I am in a soul-aligned relationship that makes me so happy
  • I love my beautiful, healthy relationship
  • I love my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, and my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner loves me
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is perfect
  • I am loved
  • The love available to me is infinite

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369 Manifestation Method Affirmation Examples for a Job

Text reads: 369 Manifestation Method Example for a Job. Background is a woman sitting at a desk at work with a laptop and other office supplies.

Try a 369 manifestation example for a job.

  • I love my job
  • My career is on the rise
  • I make $X for my salary
  • I receive multiple job offers with ease
  • I nail my job interview
  • My job rocks

369 Manifestation Method Affirmation Examples for Money

Text reads: 369 Manifestation Method Example for Money. Background image is a piggy bank full of cash money with coins in front of it.

Try a 369 manifestation example for money.

  • I am a wealthy woman/man/person
  • I make money in my sleep
  • I easily attract money, wealth, and abundance
  • I have overflowing bank accounts
  • I’m so thankful for making $X today/this week/this month/etc.
  • I earn money with ease

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Hope you found some of these 369 manifestation affirmations examples helpful. For how to write affirmations for 369 manifestation – see Step 2 above.

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Thank you so much for checking out my blog post How to Use the 369 Manifestation Method to Manifest Anything You Want! Affirming positive thoughts about what you want to manifest can lead to wonderful things!

Did this manifestation technique work for you? If so, comment your 369 Manifestation Method success story below!

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