Summer Glow Up Ideas 2024 (Positive Ideas for Warm Weather)

Want to know how to glow up over the summer? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my Summer Glow Up Ideas 2024. These are positive ideas you can enjoy in warm weather for a glow up inside and out!

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What’s a Glow Up?

To me, a glow up is all about becoming your best self beyond just physical beauty. The best glow ups are holistic, meaning they cover beauty AND mind, health, and soul.

When I was growing up, I was a socially awkward outcast who yearned to be “popular”. I became obsessed with all the makeover scenes from my favorite movies, like Clueless. Back then I thought that becoming pretty would get me everything I wanted in life.

But when I finally achieved what seemed to be “pretty enough” for society, I still wasn’t happy. It wasn’t until I transformed the other areas of my life like my mind, health, and soul that I finally felt confident and happy. Which is why I include the categories I do in my glow up posts.

We want to glow up inside AND out!

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Ready for your summer glow up? Let’s go over the ideas…

Best Summer Glow Up Ideas 2024

Summer Glow Up list of ideas by category: Mind, Health, Beauty, and Soul.

Try these ideas to have the best summer glow up!

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Summer Glow Up Ideas for Your Mind

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Use these to help you foster a happier, healthier, more positive mindset:

  • Enjoy a summer-themed book: Books are great to read at the pool, at the beach, or even at home for your night routine or a lazy afternoon. Try a summer-themed book to lean into the season.
  • Organize your home: Your home is a reflection of your mind and vice versa. Organizing your home can help your mind feel lighter and more free. I love doing organization projects. But when I’m short on time, I’ll set a timer for 5 minutes and just see what I can get done. I’m always happily surprised by how much I accomplish!
  • Try some summer themed decorations: Just for funsies, try adding some summer decorations. We go crazy for fall and the holidays, so why not summer? I once had a beach themed bedroom. And yes, that was in college, but still! If you’re not feeling the theme, you could consider getting a new plant.
  • Set some mid-year goals: Goal planning isn’t just for the new year. Review your new year goals, see where you need to pivot, and maybe even set some mid-year goals.
  • Try an outdoor meditation: Outdoor meditations are lovely. You could even try using the sounds of nature as your “background music”.
  • Use positive affirmations daily: Positive affirmations are always a good idea. Click here for some glow up affirmations.
  • Make a summer playlist to vibe to: Put your favorite, high vibe summer songs on a playlist you can play on repeat this summer to feel good.
  • Incorporate restorative yoga into your wellness routine: Not all activities have to be active and not all rest has to be passive. Consider trying some “active rest” by doing restorative yoga.
  • Set a new phone wallpaper that makes you happy: Put some summer images that make you happy on your phone wallpaper. Maybe even make a summer mood board or vision board. You can even use your phone wallpaper to manifest your dream summer vacation!

Summer Glow Up Ideas for Health

Graphic shows Summer Glow Up Ideas for health with text and icons for each idea

If you look pretty, but your health is out of whack, you may look great, but you likely won’t feel your best. So let’s get you more than just beauty.

Use these ideas to glow up your overall health so your glow up feels great in your body:

  • Drink enough water: Being properly hydrated can help you have plenty of energy while also improving your skin, lips, and overall health.
  • Eat summer fruits and veggies: Take advantage of the summer season by enjoying what’s fresh. While some summer produce can be found year-round, I find it tends to taste best in-season. Click here for ideas to eat more fruit + get delicious fruit recipes.
  • Shop at the farmers market: To help with the above, consider getting your summer fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market. Imported produce tends to be picked before it’s ripe so it can ripen on the long trip. Local produce is usually picked when it’s ripe so it’s more nutrient dense and tastes better too.
  • Walk daily: Enjoy warm summer days with daily walks. Brisk walks can help you live longer and boost your energy.
  • Do a vibe raising morning routine: Start your day in positive energy by raising your vibe. Even 5 minutes of gratitude can help start your day on the right foot. If you have time, consider doing a couple high vibe morning routine activities. You’d be surprised what you can get done with a quick 15-20 minute morning routine!
  • Unwind with a relaxing night routine: Similarly, ending your day on a high vibe note can help you relax and sleep well. Try thinking about your highlights from the day, practice gratitude, meditate, or do a combination of other high vibe night routine ideas.
  • Try outdoor workouts: Working out outside can be a fun way to switch things up and give you new motivation to stay committed to your health goals. Try an outdoor yoga class, ask your personal trainer to take your workout outside, or go for a run. Of if you’re not a runner like me – go for a long walk in a local park or beautiful neighborhood.
  • Wear sunscreen: Protect your skin by wearing proper sunscreen.
  • Get some vitamin sea: Who else just feels better at the beach? I love the cute quotes about getting enough “vitamin sea”. Haha! But seriously, hearing the ocean waves is super soothing and walking barefoot on the beach can be a great way to practice grounding.

Summer Glow Up Ideas for Beauty

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Okay, so I do think physical beauty is an important part of a glow-up. It’s just not the only thing! But we are in the beauty section of our glow up now, so let’s dive in!

Try these beauty glow up ideas during (or leading up to) this summer:

  • Create summer outfits: Have fun putting together some summer looks. This will also help you see where you may have gaps in your wardrobe so you can do some strategic shopping. Consider adding a couple new signature summer pieces to your collection.
  • Buy new bathing suits: One thing I used to do that I want to get back into is getting one new bathing suit every summer. It’s a fun way to freshen up your bathing suit collection so you love what you’re wearing when you’re at the pool or beach.
  • Create a signature summer makeup look: Who else loves glowy summer make-up? This is a great time of year to try some fun, summery makeup colors.
  • Wear a summer lip color: Aligned to the above, maybe pick a lip color (or set of colors) to rock all summer long. I love to wear bright pinks and glitter lipglosses in warm weather.
  • Use a signature summer perfume: While it’s fun to have a signature scent you use year-round, it can also be a good idea to pop in with a summery-scent. Think coconut, summer fruits, and sea salt beachy scents.
  • Keep up with your face skincare: Be sure to keep up with your face skincare. Take note if your skin needs something different with the weather possibly being warmer and more humid, in addition to having more sun exposure.
  • Try a summer nail color: Switch up your nail colors with a summer nail color. Check Pinterest for nail inspiration photos.
  • Maintain your pedicure: Since we’ll likely be wearing more sandals, keep up with your pedicure, whether you frequent the nail salon or do your nails yourself.
  • Make space for body skincare: Body skincare is becoming a bigger and bigger trend in the beauty world. Make sure you’re moisturizing and taking advantage of other body skincare products and routines you love.

Summer Glow Up Ideas for Your Soul

Graphic shows Summer Glow Up Ideas for your soul with text and icons for each idea

Back to our well-rounded glow up, here are some ideas to help you glow up your soul:

  • Go to the beach: Let the power of the beach in all it’s glory brighten you up on a soul-level. The beach is a great place to connect with nature and embrace your deep and spiritual thoughts. I love this quote: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi
  • Cut out toxic people: One thing that can really drag down our vibe and stress us out is toxic people. Whilst we can’t always easily cut all toxic people from our lives, see if you can start to lessen your time with them or cut them completely. We have enough going on and don’t need to baby sit “energy vampires”.
  • Spend time in nature: Spending time in nature is incredibly restorative for your soul. Besides going to the beach, you can also try forest bathing or simply eat lunch in a park, go hiking, or find other ways to be in nature.
  • Spend time near water: Have you heard of Blue Mind Theory? According to this article by Well + Good: “When you’re in or around water, you enter what marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols calls the blue mind, a mildly meditative state of peacefulness and satisfaction.” Very cool, right?! Let’s get to some water, friends!
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy: We all have a mix of masculine and feminine energy, no matter our gender. Sometimes we can lean too heavily into one or the other, creating an imbalance that can wreak havoc on our minds, actions, and stress levels. Find a way to balance your masculine and feminine to feel more aligned and operate from more flow.
  • Speak kindly to yourself: Whilst not always the easiest thing, it’s always a good idea to speak kindly to yourself, no matter the season. Your first thought is what you’ve been conditioned to think. But remember you can follow that with a better, more supportive thought of your choice. By continually pivoting your thoughts, you can train your mind to be a kinder place over time.
  • Connect with your body: We can easily become disconnected from our body, which can sometimes lead to us disconnecting from our intuition. Try your movement of choice to re-connect with your body. Yoga, meditation, walking (bonus: in nature), and dancing are great options.
  • Have a picnic with your friends: Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, social connection is an important component of our overall health picture. With warm summer months abound, meet up with your friends for a lovely picnic.
  • Take yourself on a solo outdoor date: Summer months bring new opportunities for fun solo date activities. Maybe you love that picnic idea but want to take your dog instead. Have lunch on a beautiful restaurant patio. Grab a coffee and read a book at your fave local coffee shop using their outdoor seating. What would be a enjoyable solo date for you?


Summer Glow Up list of ideas by category: Mind, Health, Beauty, and Soul.

If you want to know how to have a summer glow up, this list has some great ideas to try. And did you notice that some of the ideas repeat across multiple themes? I love efficient activities!

I put together a mix of ideas that are unique to summer months in addition to some classic ideas that are good to include any time of year. And know that you don’t need to do ALL of these to glow up this summer. Pick your faves to try.

Remember: you’re already beautiful and worthy. I hope these Summer Glow Up Ideas help you transform into the best version of YOU!

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