• Scaredy Cat Foods

    Hey friends! Happy Thursday to you. Here’s a teaser photo for today’s post – any guesses what this is? All will be revealed shortly…or at the end of this post. lol It seems I may be getting sick. I’ve been trying to fight it off all week, but I felt a lot worse today. I […]


  • Positives Over Negatives

    I enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorite eat-OUT cravings. You guys are some Sushi, Mexican, and Indian food loving peeps and it’s pretty awesome! I’ll take one of each, please and thank you! lol I revisted an old fave for breakfast. It’s been a long time (since 2009!) since I’ve had the very tasty 10-grain cereal […]


  • Time to Eat OUT Again

    So glad you guys thought my easy lentil soup looked tasty! I know I don’t talk much about morning routines, but usually I’m up and out the door before hubby. Well…not this week! Hubby has been waking up early to work out, and I’ve benefited with him cooking breakfast! He made a cute breakfast today […]