Quick Plastic Bin Make-Over

My craft room is a complete and utter mess. Sadly, it’s been that way pretty much ever since we’ve moved into our apartment (well over a year ago). I know I keep talking about cleaning it up, but I’ve tried….

Sissy Bakes Me a Cake

I went home for my b-day a few weeks ago and, as my fam likes to do, ate a ton of food. My sister (we call each other “Sissy”) was sweet enough to bake me a b-day cake. Of my…

I am a Baby-Booty-Making Machine

Why is everyone around me having babies?! What in the world!? Good thing I have a good booty pattern b/c I’d never be able to keep up with all these baby gifts if I had to make something bigger. I…

Crocheted Dinosaur Booties

I’ve been hard-pressed lately to find time to crochet, but I’m working on squeezing it in here and there. I managed to make these adorable (at least I think they’re cute) dinosaur booties a few weeks ago as a gift….

More Vintage Pyrex

One of my good friends recently had to downsize her space – from sharing a townhome with a friend to just renting out a room. She decided to get rid of some of her stuff by setting up a booth…