• Central Park Snow and the Red Coat

    Central Park Snow and the Red Coat

    Hi friends! One of my best takeaways from Thailand was the reminder to play. To create. To have fun. I’ve missed the creative process of photography and have decided to make a better effort towards getting back into it. So when it snowed in NYC yesterday, I could only think of one thing. Central Park […]


  • Work Outfit: Red Pants

    I found these red dress pants on sale at J. Crew awhile back. To wear them to the office, I tone them down with neutrals, like this black and white patterned top and black blazer. I actually am not a fan of blazers, but they’re just so darn professional. I like to wear them especially […]


  • Conservative Neon {Outfit}

    Neon for Work Outfit

    You could possibly blame my love of Zumba, but I’m pretty sure I’ve always loved bright colors. I’ve been playing with colors in my work outfits lately, and my most recent challenge has been making neons work appropriate in a conservative office. I got this neon green, floral skirt at J. Crew when I had […]