• Baggy and Casual {Outfit}

    I’m definitely still trying to figure out my new style. I’m not a 20-something, Abercrombie-cut-off-jean-skirt-wearing kind of girl any more, though we’ve talked about that before. One thing I’ve recently noticed is that I’m no longer the business professional type working in a formal corporate America environment, and I may not be for awhile (if […]


  • Green Jeans Blogger Style Challenge

    On Tuesday night, I participated in a style challenge with two of my blog friends, Kseniya and Jenn, at the Green Jeans consignment sale. I’m volunteering for the GJ team via blogging and photography and also helped coordinate this style challenge. We got to shop the whole store to make our selections. The theme – […]


  • Red Trenchcoat {Outfit}

    I haven’t been doing so hot with breakfast lately. I remember when I didn’t eat breakfast at all, just a few years ago. This was before I decided to take a healthier, non-restrictive approach to eating. Breakfast became an important meal of the day, and I never missed it. But, lately, it seems like I’m […]