• Party on Plates

    Happy Sunday to you! Hubby made breakfast this morning: fried egg, jalapeno foccacia and a soysage. I chickened out on the jalapeno, though and picked it off for hubby to eat. I’m not very tolerant of spicy foods, though I do typically like a lil kick. My garden seemed to stop producing the last few […]


  • Farewell FrontBurner Brunch

    I managed to compile a list of all the words Bailey knows today. At least I think I got all of them. Words Bailey knows: sit stay lay down play dead come here sit up stand turn bow high five (gimme five) get the (insert item) bring the (insert item) give ball kong bone doggie […]


  • Dog Bar Birthday Party

    TGIF! Trees! Bailey got up early to read the paper. Moooooommmmm! Stop taking my picture! Breakfast = egg scramble with spinach, soysage, whole grain toast with real butter. I finally got to try that ED&BV lentil soup I made awhile back for lunch today. I drizzled it with EVOO and sprinkled fresh parsley from my […]