A Year Can Change A Lot (Zumba)

My, my, my…Friday had some good eating! I think this is especially impressive to me because most of the day I thought…what the heck am I going to eat? We don’t have any food! I guess it turns out we did. I scrounged around and came up with breakfast and lunch.

IMG_5880 (600x400)

IMG_5877 (600x400)

IMG_5883 (600x400)

Sloppy-scrambled egg sammies and a whole wheat roll with a local honey drizzle. I toasted the rolls in the oven so they were nice and hot.

IMG_5885 (600x400)

Gold amber tea later – a combo of Matevana and Rooibos Macadamia, sweetened with honey.

IMG_5887 (600x400)

IMG_5889 (600x400)

A Sunshine Burger (veggie burger) on a WW roll with monterrey jack cheese and green bell pepper from my family’s garden and steamed broccoli.

IMG_5897 (600x400)

and what do you do with a whole bunch of blueberries that are about to go bad – especially when you’re headed out of town for a day or so?

IMG_5898 (600x400)

Make an individual berry crisp.

IMG_5900 (600x400)

It’s not just for breakfast 😉

IMG_5907 (600x400)


The blueberries turned my tongue blue! 😆


A year can change a lot…

Have you ever thought about how much can change in a year? As I approach 30, I’m started to reflect back on the last 10 years of my life, but even in one year, so much can happen!

In fact, this time last year…I was trying out to be a zumba instructor with a local company…and failing miserably. June 28th, 2009 was the day of my audition.

My try-out songs were:

  • Jai Ho
  • Whatever You Like
  • The Way She Moves

I thought I did pretty well, but I didn’t get the job.

Fast forward to just a few short weeks ago and my second time at auditioning (I’m persistent, no?) was a totally different ball game. In May 2010, I auditioned again and this time, I got it (click to read)!

But, the reason I’m thinking about this again is the whole June date. See, June 28th, 2009 I auditioned to be a zumba instructor and failed. Almost a year to the date, June 29th, 2010 I led my first ever zumba class completely solo. What a change?! From not being able to lead a class by myself to doing it! Amazing! My point is…if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. A lot can change in a year, especially if you put your mind to it. 🙂

IMG_5913 (600x400)

At the Friday class, our largest class of the week, they announced a couple instructors-in-training as just “instructors” just before class started! Here’s Alicia, who graduated with me this week from our training, and me just after class on Friday. They announced us to the cheers of about 50 participants and boy did it feel awesome to reap the rewards of a year of hard work towards my goal of being an instructor!

I’m liking these year ago look-backs…I think I’ll keep it up. 🙂

In the meantime, have you had a 360 degree turnaround experience? What changed for you in a year? Tell me your story – long and short comments both welcome. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone with your story?

4 thoughts on “A Year Can Change A Lot (Zumba)”

  1. I feel like my life is always changing drastically year-to-year. Where I’m at right now, I feel like the next year is going to be insanely life-changing. My husband and I are moving to an area we love, I’m going back to school for another degree (and eventually a master’s) in Nutrition and to be a R.D. All the weight from some medications/ issues/ life changes is finally starting to come off. My sister is starting a doctorate program, my mom may be changing jobs, and I also just got some news that a very, very close loved one has some severely abnormal and alarming test results, and the chances this loved one has cancer are insanely high. So yeah. I think when I look back upon the upcoming year, it’s going to be crazy.

    • Sorry to hear about your loved one – I hope they’re ok! Sounds like there are TONS of life-changes going on, but that a lot of them are good. It’s always wonderful to live somewhere you love and the RD thing is awesome! Good luck!


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