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The concert last night was amazing! Lady Gaga knows how to put on a good show!

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After getting ready, I headed over to my friend Erica’s place for pre-concert festivities and what-not.

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And once we were all glammed up, we were ready to go!

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After a quick photoshoot outside the Bobcat Arena, it was time to find our seats for the show!

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They had a lot of neat things inside – photoshoots and other randomness.

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Ready for the show to start!

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It’s GAGA!

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Wow…just wow!

When can we do that again?!

Now I totally have Lady Gaga’s songs stuck in my head, and I have a new affection for some songs that aren’t her mainstream hits:

  • Dance in the Dark
  • Speechless
  • Monster
  • So Happy I Could Die

Best quote of the night  – as she was talking about after the concert –

“I don’t want you to love me more, I want you to love you more.”

We could all do that, couldn’t we?

I don’t go to concerts often, but this was definitely the best I’ve seen so far!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen?

28 thoughts on “O.M.Gaga!”

  1. OMG I love Lady Gaga! Looks like you had a fabulous time. My friends here aren’t really a fan of her music, so going to her concert is just out of the question. Such a shame. A really good concert I’ve been too would have to be Michael Buble and Billy Joel. They are definitely both entertainers. Rockin my Gaga CD!

  2. Concerts – I have to confess that while I’ve seen quite a few (esp. with the PR end of it), it’s a tie between Billy Idol (don’t ask *LOL*) and the Grammys in 2005 – both of which were extremely over the top and the performances were top notch.

    One good thing about a fab concert – the energy of the crowd. It makes it so much better.

  3. You look great! Good to get into the spirit of things.
    Federico Aubele was great, Melody Gardot was fantastic and turned me into a complete fan and the Counting Crows were also fantastic (partly because I’ve listened to them since I was 13).

  4. Ahh you look awesome! You seriously pulled it off so well b/c you have such a rockin’ bod!Looks like a great time!

    Fave concert was Bon Jovi and Daughtry together since I’m in love with them both, and got to meet them both!

  5. Nice outfit, would of never thought about dressing up to one but hey, it’s Lady Gaga.

    I’m not much of a concert person either, until this year. So far I’ve really liked going to see Local Natives. The location was absolutely beautiful and the band was as awesome live as they are recorded!

  6. Whoa, you definitely rock that outfit 🙂

    I don’t know if I can pull that off, so kuddos to you for dressing up to the nines for the concert. It’s all fun and games when you are with your friends.

    The best concert I’ve been to was Kanye West and also a No Doubt concert. They’re local here in Orange County so it definitely rock the house.

  7. Love the outfits – looks like you guys had a ton of fun! 🙂

    The best concert I’ve ever been to was AC/DC. Those guys know how to put on a show!

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