My Three Exercise-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having (or have had) a great Halloween this year.

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Three Halloween Costumes You Can Wear to Work Out

Since it is Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my holiday experience from the week. When I was kid, Halloween was all about the candy. When I was in college, it was all about the party. And now, it’s all about…Zumba. I guess it’s sort of unexpected, but it works. My dance fitness company decided to celebrate Halloween for a couple days leading up to Halloween, and not just on the holiday, itself. Thusly, I ended up attending two Halloween-themed Zumba classes and hosting one. This required multiple outfits (or the time to do laundry every night, which was unlikely), which was okay for this Halloween-lover.

Here are the three outfits I wore to class. I centered them all on things I could work out in, so they’re all exercise-friendly Halloween costumes. Lululemon wunder unders were a staple for me. Not only are they great to work out in, they’re easier to work into costumes than Zumba cargo pants. Of course, you can wear any work out leggings.

Three Exercise-Friendly Halloween Costumes | The Chic Life

Exercise-Friendly Costume #1 – I went as Catwoman à la Anne Hathaway

Everyone thought I was wearing a one-piece body suit, but it was black wunder unders with an old black turtleneck I got from a Victoria’s Secret catalog back in college (yeaaa, I used to rock it at the bars back in the day). I added a black leather belt I already had (Vince). And I got some cheap accessories at Party City. The mask was $1.99 and the ears were clip-ins and only $3.99. I wore some black dress boots for the class intro and then changed into black tennis shoes to dance. So, basically, I wore stuff I already had and only had to get about $6 worth of extras. Not too shabby.

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Three Exercise-Friendly Halloween Costumes | The Chic Life

Exercise-Friendly Costume #2 – Lady Gaga

I bought this wig for my friend’s birthday party earlier this year, and since then, I’ve tried to wear it as much as possible…basically, any chance I get. I mean, it wasn’t cheap! Anywho, this outfit was a combination of my Lady Gaga concert outfit, regular Zumba clothes, and the wig. I wore purple wunder unders, American Apparel shorts, a Zumba sports bra, and a sparkly-sequin bra on top. The sequin-bra is fun, but I wear it over the sports bra for back-up and support. Can you believe I already had all of this crazy stuff? Cost = $0. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’ve now worn the wig 3 times!

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Three Exercise-Friendly Halloween Costumes | The Chic Life

Exercise-Friendly Costume #3 was my class! I went as Wonder Woman!

This Wonder Woman outfit took by far the most effort. I actually made the gold accessories for this outfit, which I’m planning to blog about separately. But basically, I wore blue wunder unders, a red Margaritawear sports bra, black tennis shoes, plus all the gold, handmade accessories. Click here for more photos of my DIY Wonder Woman costume.

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Reader question: What was your Halloween costume this year?

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    • Thank you, Sarah! That makes me especially happy to hear because the Wonder Woman took, by far, the longest to make! 🙂 I’m going to post more detailed photos this weekend!

    • Thanks, Emily!

      Me too! I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to wear them to work. I’m thinking not, unless they’re paired with a tunic or sweater dress. 🙂


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