Playing With the Sparklies

Greetings friends!

I still can’t believe Christmas is over. New Year’s is just a couple days away and I’m not quite ready for 2010 to be over! Where did the year go? lol

If you’re catching up, here are my holiday posts:

On to today!


I made something today – can you tell what it is? I’ll share in a minute, but first let’s get to breakfast.


What do you do when you have a couple dozen irresistible rye bagels in your freezer? Eat them as fast as humanly possible. hehe…jk. But seriously, I had one today with breakfast, along with a fried egg.


Then, it was time for a quick craft project. You guys know I used to make jewelry, right? Not full time or anything, but I did do it as a side business for a couple years. I still have tons of supplies and would like to continue making jewelry once in awhile, but it’s tough on my wrist and pretty time-consuming.


Anywho, I made this pretty little pink and purple bracelet for my niece for Christmas. It’s made with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. One of my favorite parts about jewelry making is playing with the sparklies. I love things that sparkle and shine. 🙂

I had to make the bracelet early this morning because we went for another…


…Road trip!


Starbucks seems to have the only semi-healthy road-food options we can find. I got a spinach/egg white wrap.


I also got a mini vanilla scone because I’m still in holiday-mode. 🙂 Ok, I probably would have gotten this anyways. hehe.


We got to hubby’s mom’s house in the early afternoon. Just in time for Bailey to see one of his girlfriends – Kerry.

IMG_4711.jpg IMG_4715.jpg IMG_4733.jpg IMG_4738.jpg

They had a blast chasing each other around.


And then the Bailey-Claus costume made an appearance.


I love this photo with Kerry’s fangs exposed. Can you believe Bailey likes to play with that?! lol Silly boy.


We opened presents today…so many presents! Our family is so generous with their Christmas gifts. Even Bailey got a little toy.

I’ll try to share a couple gift photos later this week if I have time.


Then, it was dinner time. I love these little Christmas tree place mats my MIL has.


Hubby’s sister made dinner tonight – Cheesy Goodness. It’s basically lasagna made with ravioli instead of lasagna-shaped pasta…plus with pureed veggies hidden in the mix for the kiddos. We also had hubby’s mom’s famous dry dressing, salad, and garlic bread.

Getting sleepy here. Time for bed! G’night!

Did you make any of your Christmas/holiday gifts this year? What did you make?

13 thoughts on “Playing With the Sparklies”

  1. Love the bracelet you made! So pretty. I have never made any home-made gifts, but I love receiving them. Bailey looks super cute in his Santa outfit! I wish we lived closer so our corgis could play! 🙂

  2. Wow Diana, you’ve got so many gifts, even your dog! Lucky you. Well, I’ve got two crappy ones, and I know someone who got none 🙁 read my recent post on my blog for more.
    Anyway, happy Christmas and new year to you and your family.
    I’m an old lurker and today I decided to de-lurk and say hi 🙂

  3. I remember when you used to sell your jewelry! I always make a couple of things. Most of my handmade gifts are photo-related. I make my husband’s parents a photo book of the year’s events and also a photo calendar each year. I used to be very creative with it… now I let Walgreens make it for me. Does that count as homemade? LOL. I usually have Sadie make an ornament for family each year, too.

  4. Baily is SO darn cute! It seriously looks like he’s smiling at the camera! And could he be any cuter in that Santa jacket?!?!

    Very pretty jewelery by the way – I’m so NOT crafty it’s unbelievable so I’m always amazed at what other gals can create!

  5. your little bracelet is ADORABLE.

    I would totally love to start getting into jewelry making, I have a friend at work that is doing it and we’ve been having fun creating ideas together….but I simply can’t afford another hobby right now….and yarn is warmer!

    your neice is one lucky girlie! Plus you are having quite the beautiful holiday!!!!

  6. Aww Bailey is too cute in his little outfit!

    I had to make a temp Christmas gift for my husband since one of his gifts was shipped to our house in Cali while we are in Minnesota. I bought him a kettlebell, but made one out of tissue paper so he had something to open for this particular item. 🙂

    Very cute bracelet!


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