Tangy Tempeh + New Zumba

Cheers friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



Yesterday I had one of my typical cage-free egg and rye bagel breakfasts.


And I had a big night last night. My newest Zumba class!


I wanted a really healthful lunch. Ever since meeting Brendan Brazier, I’ve thought a lot about foods that are good for pre and post workouts. Especially how he said that non-meat meals are easier to digest and better pre-workout. As such, I’ve been eating a lot of meatless meals on the days I teach Zumba.


Today was no exception.

I did a variation of my tangy tempeh dish. It was yuuuuummmmy!


As for my new Zumba class, I was not doing such a good job minding my time before class and was almost late to my own class! Well…I almost arrived later than I’m supposed to at least. The instructors always arrive plenty early before students. 😉

Class was bangin! The room was totally full and there were lots of smiling faces and a whole bunch of newbies! I hope the new guys had a good time and come back!

I even had special guests Jen and Michelle there! Yeaaaa! It was so nice seeing my friends in class while I was teaching. Thanks for the support ladies!

I also had a few regulars in the crowd (you know who you are!), and was thrilled to see them bring their mad dancing skillz. Holla!


Need something green to make for St. Patrick’s Day? Try my Green Monster Muffins! Vegan? Check out this vegan version I made of the recipe. 😉

No food processor? Then try these mini matcha green tea banana nut muffins!


What do you like to eat before big workouts. Not so much pre-workout snacks, but if you’re working out after work, what do you eat for lunch? I totally can’t eat anything too heavy or I will suffer later, but lately, I’ve been trying to eat vegetarian/vegan fare, too. You?

13 thoughts on “Tangy Tempeh + New Zumba”

  1. Eggs are always good for me. As long as it has a lot of protein and isn’t heavy, like you mentioned. Something with chicken is probably ideal! I HAVE to have a snack before a workout though, esp if it’s been hours since lunchtime, so I might bring a Larabar or something of that nature too.

  2. Those rye bagels look delicious!

    If I’m planning to do an after-work workout, I usually eat my normal lunch of a salad, but then have a snack a couple of hours before I’m going to go workout. Usually some carrots with hummus or something along those lines…it tends to help me stay full enough that I can get in a good workout.

  3. if the hubby and I happen to move down to Charlotte (which is just an idea for now =/) and you’re still teaching; I would love attend your Zumba class! 🙂

      • It probably won’t be for another year or so. 🙁 Husband has to finish school first, but then we’re free to go wherever the wind takes us.

        We might be heading down for a visit to check out the town in October/November sometime so maybe I can catch a class then? That would be so cool! 🙂

  4. I’m normally a morning exerciser/runner – but unlike a lot of runners, I eat breakfast – normally a homemade vegetarian breakfast “sammie” with an english muffin, vegetarian sausage, egg whites and low-fat cheese – basically I try to keep the carbs and proteins high and fat low, because high-fat foods negatively affect my runs. When I do workout in the afternoon, I’ll usually eat a Kashi bar or some mixed nuts with pretzels or dried fruit and that helps me to make it through!

  5. I tend to have early morning workouts that involve a normal breakfast after, but if I do workout in the evening I tent to have a piece of fruit with some protein to help give me some fuel. 🙂


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