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Did you guys notice my new blog header? If you’re reading in Google Reader or another feed engine, you can click here to visit the blog and see for yourself. What do you think?

I wanted to create a new header that helps people visiting my blog to more easily see and instantaneously get what The Chic Life is all about – Food (eats and recipes), Fashion (outfits and shopping), and Life (everything in between with lots of Bailey photos). I’m hoping to include more home posts soon, but since I rarely blog about that currently, I kept it off the header. One day!

Anywho, hope you guys like it! On to today’s post…


We’re not even all that close to Christmas, and yet I’m feeling busier than ever. I’ve been having lots of those nights where your to-do list is never quite complete, even though you will yourself to stay awake till midnight or later to get just one more thing done. And there’s nothing like being done with the day’s activities well after the grocery store closes to keep you eating out more than you should. Oh yes, I’ve been eating out way more than I should. Ruh-roh. But finally, on Monday, I had a day where I felt prepared eats-wise, thanks to some planning and a good grocery trip on Sunday.

It’s nothing special, but here are some photos of the day’s eats…


In fact, on Monday, I was finally excited about breakfast again. I’ve turned into more of an eggs and toast kind of girl in recent months. But, I picked up a new jar of Justin’s nut butter on Sunday in a flavor (maple) that I hadn’t tried before that had me excited about oatmeal again!


I’ve been keeping my oats pretty simple, and I’ve been using non-dairy milks because I find they’re easier to cook and prevent from curdling. I used 1 part water, 1 part soy milk, and 1 part oats for my base. I also added chia seeds (for energy), carob powder (for flavor), and some honey (for sweetener). And on top, I added sliced almonds and a nice, big dollop of the new, maple almond butter. Who knew that maple and carob made such a great pair?


I ended up picking up a chicken roller from Earthfare on Sunday with plans of enjoying it for lunch Monday since I was WFH. You’d think I have all the time in the world to cook when I WFH, but I actually try to keep my breaks short – 15-30 minutes on average (and that’s for the whole day!). This doesn’t leave much cooking time, so something like this chicken roller is perfect! You just pop it in the oven and forget about it. Well, don’t completely forget about it!

Actually, while the chicken baked, I took a couple quick minutes to throw dinner together in the slow cooker…but more on that in a minute.


I served the chicken roller with leftover saffron rice (from last night’s dinner) and some sauteed, shredded brussels sprouts (using this easy recipe).


And for an afternoon snack, I de-frosted and re-baked the last two of the Banana Chocolate Muffins that Erica made me for Susan’s bake sale. So tasty!


And as for dinner, the slow cooker made that a breeze. I mean, a couple minutes spent at lunch yielded a delicious dinner and made my house smell so cozy, too! I used this recipe for my Mom’s Pot Roast. As we neared dinnertime, I only had to use my rice cooker to quickly cook some rice. If you’ve ever used a rice cooker, you know that’s about as easy as pouring a glass of water (ok…almost!).

All in all – a good day’s eats. I need to incorporate more of these into my life! Why has this been so difficult lately? Seriously, I’ve been getting kind of irritated with myself for all the eating out, but work has just been so crazy. Ugh, I think I need another Eat in Month! 😆

Reader Question #1: Do you have a hectic work schedule? How do you keep yourself from leaning on the convenience of eating out?

Reader Question #2: Which meal do you eat out the most: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?

34 thoughts on “WFH Eats”

  1. loving the new header! also, we must have similar tastes because i have that c&b bowl, the green anthro glass, and i LOVE justin’s.

    and i find that if i don’t hit the grocery store on the weekend, my full-time work + full-time class schedule just screams for me to eat out, so i have to fight the urge 🙂 plus, if i plan on the gym for when i get home, i know that eating out just doesn’t even fit into the equation.

  2. The new header looks awesome! It definitely give you a better idea of what your blog is about from the get-go.
    Dinner is probably the only meal we ever go out to (unless I’m traveling for work). I seriously can’t even think of a time we went out for breakfast. I’d rather be in my PJ’s, with my cup of coffee lounging around my own house than getting dressed and out the door to go to breakfast 😉

    • Thanks Gina!

      I think I only end up eating breakfast out when I didn’t have time in the morning and can grab something quick to eat at my desk. I’m with ya on the lounging in my PJs!

  3. I love the new header! Perfect for including all aspects of the blog, and I love the inclusion of Bailey!

    My work schedule is definitely hectic. I try to keep dinners really simple – either by meal planning for the week or just throwing together random things, like a sweet potato and beans. Worst case, I’ll just have cereal for dinner, which I actually consider a huge treat since I tend to put more effort into breakfast and lunch.

    I don’t eat out a lot, but if I do, it’s most often lunch with coworkers.

    • Thanks Laura!

      I’ve had oatmeal for dinner before and actually really enjoyed it! So, I hear ya on that! 🙂

      Lunch with co-workers or friends is tough for me, too! It’s like the only time to talk to co-workers about non-work stuff!

  4. I LOVE the new header!

    The meal I most eat out changes often. If I don’t have much time, it really depends on what meals I can make quickly with what I have. Sometimes, I don’t have a quick breakfast to make (aka cereal, bread…), but mostly I’d say I tend to eat out more for dinner.

  5. One of the perks from working at home is being able to COOK meals from scratch. Sure, some days I’m lazy and eat leftovers or make a PB sandwich, but having the option is totally awesome. I tend to still take an hour- sometimes I do chores, read, or run errands. My hours are pretty flexible as long as I get my work done.

    I rarely eat out anymore, but I have been indulging WAY too often in Starbucks iced coffee…with 2% milk, unsweetened. I think I had Starbucks 3 times last Saturday…

  6. My schedule is not too hectic right now (in between jobs, Doh!), so I’ve got plenty (I mean plenty of time) to cook. We still end up eating out a lot on the weekends just cause we’re running around doing stuff, but I’m trying to get out of that habit!

  7. Love the new header!

    I find it fairly easy to not eat out, simply because I’m saving hard right now. Even a coffee out has to be because I am actually meeting someone. Keeping delicious whole foods at home is key for me – like having fresh figs, raspberries, oranges, fennel, greens etc and making a salad dressing for the week and keeping various other toppings (slivered almonds etc) prepped and ready for sprinkling.

    However, if I could, I would want to eat dinners out a lot more often. I love the buzz and the socializing aspect! I miss it so much I try not to think tooooo much about it… 🙂

  8. Your new header is really beautiful!
    My job is indeed quite hectic right now, but my husband works from home, so he is on dinner duty on weekdays. We both enjoy cooking and staying in, so we hardly ever eat out, but I’d actually like to go to restaurants more often. It’s fun, delicious, and we don’t have to clean up afterwards. 😉

  9. Happy Birthday! I like the New header. What program do you use to create your headers? I find myself in the same boat lately eating out far too much. I need to change that. Oh and its mainly dinner when i eat out or get takeout.


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