Savory Spice Shop Southend {Giveaway}

Great news for my local readers! I’m giving away a gift set of four of my favorite spices from/courtesy of Savory Spice Shop Southend!


It’s funny, I get emails fairly frequently from people/businesses wanting to do giveaways here on TCL, but I’m pretty picky. And Savory Spice Shop didn’t even ask me to do this giveaway…I asked them! I was originally just hoping they’d let me give away a bottle of the Homestead seasoning since I keep talking about that one. But, Amy (the owner) helped me come up with the idea of featuring some of my personal faves in a gift set. Woohoo!

I thought this would be something that the Eat in Month challenge participants may be interested in since I keep blogging about some of these spices and how they make great quick-fix meals. I’ve also had the idea in the past to do more giveaways for challenge participants. Maybe I can work out something for Eat in Month 2014?

Anywho, I’ve just fallen in love with the spices at the Savory Spice Shop since they help me keep delicious and healthy eats in my busy life. I’m a believer in the power of the spice!


So, if you live in Charlotte, and you’re interested in getting some free spice goodies, read on.


I recently swung by the spice shop to pick up some granulated onion for a recipe (coming soon).


And, while I was there, I heard that this Mt. Elbert All-Purpose Seasoning is their current hot seller. I had to get a bottle to try. Side note: I’ve actually tried it since taking these photos, and it is great!


And on that same trip, I dropped off this – a gift set of some of my favorite spices. I had picked it up earlier and taken it home to shoot some photos to share. This was my drop off trip to return it to the shop for safekeeping for the giveaway winner.


Wanna see what’s inside?


Not only do you get four of my favorite spices, you get some cinnamon sticks, bay leaves (they upgraded to the California bay leaves since that’s the type I purchased at the shop and use at home), nutmeg, a chili pepper, and a whole star anise.


And for the spices, one lucky winner will receive:

  • True Ceylon Cinnamon, Ground – “real” cinnamon (future post on this to come one day)
  • Team Sweet Mama’s Kansas City Rub (so good rubbed on chicken or steak – blogged about here)
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Fine (similar to the one I used for these homemade pink-salted caramels)
  • Homestead Seasoning (my current signature and most useful fave – great on everything – from meats to vegetables – blogged about here)



How to enter (I like options, so here are a few ways you can play):


  • Entries must be posted by Saturday, 1/26/13 11:59pm ET to count
  • Winner must be able to pick up the gift set from the Savory Spice Shop {Southend}, Charlotte, NC location (off South Boulevard)
  • Winner will be randomly selected
  • For each entry to be counted separately, please post one comment per entry method
  • Winner will be notified via email, so a valid email address is required

Everyone’s a winner: I also have a special treat for you. If you go by the Savory Spice Shop in Southend (Charlotte, NC) and tell them The Chic Life sent you, you’ll get a free sample bag (while supplies last) of spice goodness!

Thank you Savory Spice Shop Southend for this tasty giveaway! Good luck!

62 thoughts on “Savory Spice Shop Southend {Giveaway}”

  1. Diana you are so creative! I just learned the joys of Himalyan salts over Xmas when in Asheville, so that’s my #1 choice right now!

  2. I STILL have not been in there, and have really wanted to!! I must say I would love all the spices. LOVE some cinnamon, but I have always wanted to try the different salts soooo if I have to pick one, I am going with the pink Himalayan salt !! Thanks for asking them to do this glad they agreed!

  3. I love the Savory Spice Shop but haven’t gotten by there to try the Homestead Seasoning yet so that owuld be my #1 pick! Thanks!

  4. I vote that Savory Spice Shop is the greatest addition to the South End shops in the past year. I love to drop in and pick up a random spice to add a kick to dinner. Plus, it’s always fun to taste the samples that have out. My favorite spice is the Ceyelon cinnamon. I’ve always been a grocery-store cinnamon kind of girl, but now I am officially converted. The flavor is absolutely far and away dramatically different, and perfect for pancakes, ice cream, and peanut butter and banana toast.

  5. I LOVE Savory Spice Shop! My favorite is Supreme Shallot Salt and Sweet Smoked Paprika. Yum yum yum! Cannot get enough great spices in my kitchen! Dedicated an entire large pull out drawer to them! Would love to win this fab giveaway! Thanks for sharing Diana!

  6. I love Savory Spice Shop but I’ve never tried the all purpose seasoning so I think that would be my first experiment! Thanks for sharing your great finds in Charlotte…I think you introduced me to Luna’s Kitchen too ( :

  7. Love this giveaway! Followed on FB and tweeted! Of course, I want to try them all, but definitely looking forward to the cinnamon! I’ve heard so much about the Ceylon and can’t wait to sprinkle it on so many things; hot chocolate, homemade pancake syrup, etc.

  8. I’ve been dying to check that place out – now I have a great excuse! I’d love to try the homestead seasoning. As someone who cooks 6-7 nights a week, looks like a great way to mix things up around here!

  9. I like the Homestead Seasoning, for the reasons you listed — it’s good on almost anything! Versatile!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  10. And now I’m following The Chic Life on Twitter. My favorite spice from the set would be the cinnamon. I love it’s versatility. It can be used in savory and sweet dishes.

  11. I’d love to try the pink himalayan sea salt. I’ve only recently started thinking about what my salt tastes like, and I’d love to try making some sweet-savory combinations.

  12. I hate to sound like a copy cat, but I must go with the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt as well. I have never tried any of the varieties of sea salt other than what can be found at our local grocery. It is just too hard to come by here. But, I just know it has to be heavenly because I am a salt lover at heart!

  13. The Homestead seasoning, definitely! I always have trouble finding veggie recipes that I want to eat (usually they’re drowing in carbs or cheese), so a good spice for veggies is a great thing!


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