When Does Zumba Convention 2017 Registration Open?

Zumba Convention Registration 2017 Preview

*Update as of February 13 2017: Zumba has announced the registration date, schedule, sessions, and price! Click here for my post with the dets* Also, I’ve added a new ZinCon FAQ page (click to view) to help answer your questions.


Based on the number of emails and Facebook messages I’m receiving on this, you guys want to know the same thing I do – when does Zumba Convention 2017 Registration open?

Until recently, I had no idea. For one, I’m not affiliated with Zumba. Secondly, Zumba historically hasn’t indicated when ZinCon registration would open. It was generally a big mystery until the registration page was live.

Zumba Convention 2017 Registration Date Heads Up

While they haven’t yet released a registration date, they did send out a nice, little teaser email. I took a screenshot of the part I thought you’d like (see above). A heads up that ZinCon registration will open in late February.

While this doesn’t fully answer the question, “When does Zumba Convention 2017 Registration open?”, it’s more than I’ve seen in previous years. At least we know when to keep an eye out for an announcement!

Tip: Be sure to subscribe to the Zumba email newsletter and keep an eye out for announcements via social media by your favorite ZES and ZJ peeps. And I’ll be announcing the date here, too if you want to subscribe. I share other fun posts about healthy living and recipes, so I can help distract you while you’re waiting. 

ZinCon Cost Tip

If they do the pricing like they did last year, you’ll get a discount if you sign up early. So, if you’re not sure, now is the time to start thinking about if you really want to go.

How to Prepare for Zumba Convention

Start thinking about if you want to do all sessions or if you want to spend a day (or two!) doing training.

You can check out my ZinCon posts to get an idea of what Zumba Convention is like.

Click here to check out my list of what to bring to ZinCon (my recommended packing list).

You won’t be able to book hotels with the discounted rate until registration goes up, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much for now.


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