Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

Hi friends! I’ve been missing making my What I Eat in a Day videos for you guys. So, here’s one from last weekend. I thought I’d take you along for one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday in NYC. Getting fresh air biking around Manhattan on a Citibike with a delicious brunch, coffee, and snack to look forward to in Williamsburg. After biking an hour with another hour planned for later, it makes me feel like I can eat whatever I want. Biking for two hours can burn over 800 calories! And I feel like I may burn extra when I go over the Williamsburg Bridge. Haha. That uphill section is brutalllll…

*VIDEO* Biking Day Eats

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For breakfast, I enjoyed an egg fried in coconut oil. On the side: an egg bagel toasted with butter and the biggest organic blueberries I’ve ever seen. Plus brewed coffee with sugar and steamed almond milk.

Lunch / Brunch

This will look like a familiar day of eats for those who have been with me for a bit. What can I say? When you find a winner, sometimes you just have to try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

After arriving in Williamsburg, I headed straight for Cafe Mogador to meet my friend J for lunch. Brunch. Whatever it was at that time of day. Lol. It was about 2:30pm. I guess that’s brunch time in NYC. But since I had more of a lunch-like meal, let’s call it lunch.

For a refreshing start, I went with the sparkling lemonade to drink.

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

While the egg dishes are amazing at Cafe Mogador, I ordered the chicken kabobs. They come with grilled veggies, rice, and a small side salad.

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

It’s hard for me to try much else on the menu because this is sooooooo good!

Coffee and Working Sesh

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

Next, we headed over to Devoción Coffee for a working sesh. I went with an oat milk latte and guava croissant. This sweet treat is soooooo good. And pretty. Almost too pretty to eat it. But, I mean…I ate it. For my session, I got a lot accomplished. It’s where I finished editing the video for the 10 Best Washi Tape 2018. Hope my planner friends out there enjoyed that one. I’m also planning to share my 1o favorite stickers. But, I digress…


Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

For dinner, I had a mini version of La Marca prosecco.

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

And then Indian food leftovers from India Kitchen. I re-heated some pakora in the oven and had tamarind sauce on the side.

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

And for the main event – chana masala with rice and garlic naan. Recently, I’ve been enjoying a fair amount of vegetarian and vegan meals. Chana masala is a classic option for me.

To make it taste like the day I ordered it, I re-heated the naan in the oven and the chana masala stovetop. It was really good this way and didn’t taste like leftovers at all.

Want to cook this? I have a recipe for Chana Masala here

Biking To Williamsburg | What I Eat in a Day

For dessert, I had some of my Just Right Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (click here for the recipe). I like to make a batch of these and freeze the leftovers. Then, I’ll pull out one or two and let them come to room temperature. They don’t taste fresh-baked, but they’re not too far from it! Plus, I enjoyed some unsweetened macadamia nut milk in my One Smart Cookie Kate Spade mug.

This was definitely a delicious day of eats. And guess what? I filmed on Sunday too! Now, I just need more hours in the day to get all this video editing done. Haha.

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