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  • Hair-Bumps: For Work or Play?

    Loved reading about everyone’s signature hair styles on yesterday’s post (click to read the comments)! I mean, I definitely just pull my hair back up when I’m feeling lazy…or wear it curly (so not worth straightening in the summer! not in the humid at least!) but I also really love a side pony tail or […]


  • Fool-Proof Poof

    Kudos to Alex for the title! Anywho, how busy was today! I didn’t get to dinner till 10pm…terrible, I know. I usually try to not eat after 9pm, but some nights…you just have to be flexible. I’d rather eat something than skip a meal. We got a lot of berries this weekend, so I decided […]


  • Susie Saturday

    Susie Homemaker Saturday! At least that’s what my friends called me when I told them what I did on Saturday. Here we go… I thought I’d gotten the first tomato from our garden. But upon closer examination, the tomato was SPLIT! Not sure what causes this. The others seem to be ok. We took Bailey […]