TCL Highlights from 2009

I wanted to select a post from each month of 2009 to feature, but as I got to the end of the year, there were too many good ones to skip, so I have more links in the latter months of 2009.

Here are The Chic Life Highlights of 2009:



In January, I kicked off my Weekly Food Challenge (which I need to start up again!). The first challenge ingredient was pumpkin!



In February, I kicked off Small Changes, Big Results following my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions. First meal = Oatmeal!



In March, I went to San Francisco! One of the best foodie places every! I kicked off my eating exploration with a trip to Chinatown and the Hang Ah Tea Room for dim sum. My fave lunch was at the vegetarian restaurant Millennium Restaurant.


In April, I checked in halfway through Small Changes, Big Results (SCBR) and had lost 8 pounds. I started at 133 on 2/1/09 and by 4/15/09, I weighed 124.4 pounds.



In May, I went to Minneapolis, MN where I had a stand-out meal at Hell’s Kitchen (not related to the TV show).



In June, I did zumba instructor training. I grew interested in being able to help people with their fitness goals and thought teaching zumba may be a good way to do so.


In July, I did a wrap-up post for my experience with Small Changes, Big Results to share my positive changes and POV. I also shared a brief history of me and weight loss.   By the end of SCBR, I lost 15 pounds!



In August, after four years of house-hunting, hubby and I went under contract on our first house!



In September, I took and passed the AFAA Primary Group Certification with some of my zumba friends.

Hubby graduated from MBA School.


I went to Arizona where I had an enlightening meal at True Foods (a Dr. Weil restaurant).



In October, hubby and I moved into our new HOUSE! We had the longest move-in day, however. Even poor Bailey seemed unhappy about the moving process!



In November, while most Americans think of Thanksgiving as a day to indulge and pig-out, I helped make my family’s holiday dinner a “healthy indulgence.” I even had a Thanksgiving Challenge to encourage others to eat a little more healthily at Thanksgiving.

I also went vegan for a day (ok, a meal, but still!) and truly enjoyed the experience.

Additionally, I did a zumba instructor workshop to become an official zumba instructor (just gotta find a class now)


I had TWO bloggie meet-ups!


One – a double date with hubby, Sarah of Ghost World, & Josh.


And one with Kristen of Eating RD.


I had THREE fabulous Christmases – one with hubby’s family , one with mine (I made another holiday dinner a healthy indulgence, and one for me, hubby and Bailey.

I made some Chic Breakfast Kits for my zumba friends.

And, I helped inspire people to spread Christmas cheer through a Holiday Cookie Challenge!

Oh, and today we bought a new car! Yippee!


Phew! What a whirlwind year! I feel like so much has changed and so much is new. Truly, I feel blessed to be where I am and to have so many wonderful family and friends like you!

Thank you ever so much for reading and supporting The Chic Life. Your thoughtful comments and emails mean the world to me! I wish you a wonderful 2010!

Happy New Years!

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  1. April, why haven't I been visiting more? I'm so glad you did a "catch up!"

    Zumba intrigues me. I went online to check it out and then just for laughs, put in to find a class in a location near me!

    So, in teeny Vermont, in a teeny resort village where I live, guess what? There is one!!! About a mile from my house at the Stoweflake Resort and Spa.

    Have a wonderful New Year!


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