Rough Start to Project Veg-Up + Vegetables for Breakfast

So this week has definitely been a little more rough than usual. Phew! I’ve had some late nights. But, late nights mean lots of stuff going on – work-work, blog-work, hanging out with friends, and lots of Zumba. So in the end it’s all worth it.

Unfortunately, spending less time at home means it’s a little harder than usual to plan for Project Veg-Up, and the results for my first two days definitely showed that.


Day #1 started out great! I remembered this post I wrote last September and decided to have some veg with breakfast: egg/harvarti scrambles on Great Harvest virginia rolls and steamed broccoli. The broccoli was actually leftover from Sunday’s dinner so it re-heated quite quickly (the speed was appreciated on a busy work-week morning).

Too bad things went downhill from there. I had some vegetables with lunch, but not a lot – just some greens on a sandwich. And I had some veggie soup with dinner, but I’m not sure how many “servings” it was if any. I guess I could count possibly a half serving.


On Day #2, I finally got around to printing my calendar (click to get yours – it’s free!).


I had almond butter toast for breakfast and then got a yogurt parfait out. You can’t really tell from the photo, but this thing was actually chock full of one fruit serving made up of strawberries, pineapples, and mandarin oranges.


And I had a special treat for lunch…not only lunch at the food truck, but lunch with friends!


I’ve eaten food from the Harvest Moon Grille food truck before at the Charlotte Food Truck Rally, but today was my first time getting food for lunch.


I love how Harvest Moon Grille food truck has the 100 mile rule – they use ingredients from farmers they know within 100 miles! Impressive and talk about eating local!


My partners in crime were Brittney and Kelly.


I couldn’t resist a locally made root beer with lunch.


Individualized box messages.


The lunch view


The lunch view – YUM!

Everything was wonderful and the hefty portion of cabbage gave me a check on my Project Veg-Up calendar.

For a dessert, I had an Adora disc and a handful of fresh, organic strawberries.


For a pre-workout snack, I had a blueberry muffin Larabar. Did you know these are a half fruit serving?! Between the strawberries and the bar, I had a fruit serving. Score!


After work, I taught a small, but mighty Zumba class with a totally bangin playlist.

My fave songs were:

  • P.Y.T (yes! Michael Jackson!!)
  • Baila Pa’ Emociona
  • Candyman

And after class, I met up with some friends for a shirt cutting party!


Final Day 1 and Day 2 Project Veg-Up scores:

  • Day 1 – veg: 2 1/2-ish, fruit:1
  • Day 2 – veg: 2, fruit 1

Trouble spots:

  • Lack of time/being too busy in the morning – I actually had fruit in my fridge ready to be packaged up to take to work. The problem? I’m usually rushing around just trying to get work on time…the last thing I’m thinking about is taking some fruit to work. I did remember the fruit one day, just as I was walking through the front door, but I was already running late and decided to not get any. Lesson learned – I need to prepare the fruits the night before so I can just grab the containers and go. Or buy things that don’t need prep – apples, oranges, bananas.


  • Starting early – By eating a vegetable serving with breakfast, I had plenty of time the rest of the day to get the other 2 servings in.

The major lesson of the day – just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you should ignore your health. I don’t know that I normally would have noticed how little fruits/vegetables I had consumed if I didn’t have the calendar to reference (you know how those busy days can be – flying by the seat of your pants all day!). But, I think by continuing to monitor my intake on the calendar, working on being more prepared, and seeking out more fruit/veg options in my meals, I’ll improve this in no time! 😉

Project Veg-Up Question: How are you doing with Project Veg-Up so far? What are your current trouble-spots and successes?

Reader Question: Which vegetable would you consider eating for breakfast? How would you eat it?

10 thoughts on “Rough Start to Project Veg-Up + Vegetables for Breakfast”

  1. broccoli for breakfast? you’re brave! 😉 i eat veggies for breakfast everyday though. i make a smoothie bowl with baby carrots, spinach, banana, frozen fruit, nut butter, protein powder, and almond milk. i swear you can’t taste the veggies, but it’s delicious! especially during the warm summer months. 🙂

  2. I cannot eat veggies by themselves for breakfast – I don’t know why. But I can eat them in eggs easily so that’s about the only way veggies are getting in my breakfast unless I put them in a smoothie.

  3. I’m doing pretty good so far! Getting more servings in than I usually would, that’s for sure. I think today I’ll make 5 if I eat a fruit for dessert! 🙂

  4. i love having veggies for breakfast! i usually do them in some sort of omelette or breakfast burrito form. i like: onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, spinach, and so much more! 🙂


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