Two Breakfasts and B&B Photos

Ahh, and so we arrive at the last day of our B&B vacation in Asheville.

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It was a beautiful morning at the B&B. I didn’t feel like I was quite ready to go. Like I hadn’t spent as many lazy afternoons reading on the porch, lounging on the couch, or sipping wine outdoors as I wanted. But, it was time to pack up.


We headed to the front porch of the B&B for breakfast al fresco. We started with fresh watermelon.


Next, we had orange muffins.


And lastly – cranberry-nut pancakes with a mini quiche.


The quiche was like a baby version of that mile-high one I had at the other Asheville restaurant.


Sis enjoyed breakfast, but she had plans for a second. She’d heard about the French toast at Books & Breadboard and decided it was her mission to try it before we left. Since today was our last day in town, we had plans to head over to Books & Breadboard before they stopped serving breakfast at 11am.


The staff (like 5 or 6 people!) remembered us from our trip a couple days before and gave us such a warm welcome. 🙂

I had no plans of ordering another breakfast since I was still full from the first one. I just hoped to get a bite of hers. I ordered some mint tea with honey to sip on.


Sis happily ordered the French toast and shared a slice with me when it came out all propped up and gorgeously displayed on a bamboo cutting board.


I must say, I know I’ve used the word “best” a lot when I talk about this restaurant, but this really may have been the best French toast I’ve ever had. The inside wasn’t undercooked – it was nice and firm. The outside was just-crispy. But the flavor was what really won me over – orange-scented with a bite of cinnamon. I’m definitely going to try re-creating this one sometime.


I decided I should try ordering something one last time, but I just got a chicken salad sandwich on pumpernickel for the road.


Here are a couple more photos of our B&B that I snapped over the trip.






My favorite spot of the B&B was definitely this long, open porch. Gorgeous!

Hopefully, we get to return to Asheville soon to revisit some of our new, fave spots and discover others!

Have you been to Asheville? What are your must-sees (restaurants, activities, tourist sites, shops, etc.)?

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