Scripting Manifestation Example (What Went Well and Didn’t) | Florida/NYC Trip 2019

Want to know if the Law of Attraction method called “Scripting” works? In this blog post and video, I share a Scripting Manifestation Example and what went well and didn’t. This is a real life example of what I scripted for travel when I did a trip from San Francisco, CA to Orlando, FL and NYC in 2019. (This is a catch up post…clearly lol)

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A notebook with leaves and flowers nearby. Someone is writing. Text reads: Scripting Manifestation Journal Example for Law of Attraction. Write your reality.

My Scripting Manifestation Example for Travel (NYC and Florida) – What I Wrote and What Actually Happened

In case you’re not familiar with the term, “Scripting” is a manifestation technique where you write out something you want to have happen in the future as though it already happened. I don’t know why I wrote third person, though lol! Usually these days, I write my scripting more like a journal entry in the future. Anywho, through Law of Attraction, you’re aligning to the energy of already having the thing you desire, so this is a powerful manifestation method to attract your desire to your reality.

In this example, I had plans to travel from San Francisco, CA to Orlando, FL to attend Zumba Convention. Then I flew from ZinCon to NYC to attend an event with my business coach and also enjoy the city for a couple days.

Here’s what I wrote and how it actually played out in real life:

“Diana’s big July trip went off with a beautiful mix of ease and energy. Her trip to Florida on July 24th was easy and smooth. They even landed a little early.”

  • This happened!
  • We landed early (San Francisco to Orlando) even though other attendees arriving the same day had their flights delayed.

“The ZinCon team dinner was so fun. So many new friendships formed!”

  • This pretty much happened, just not like I thought it would.
  • Back story: I coordinated a ZinCon dinner since many people watch my Zumba Convention vlogs, and I wanted to help others meet new friends and have a chance to ask any questions they may have, etc.
  • I had about 8 people RSVP, but because of all the other flight delays, most people couldn’t make it.
  • One of my dance fitness friends had a company in Virginia, and I met up with some of her Zumba instructors instead. I didn’t know all of them before, so new friends were indeed made! It was super fun too!
Diana jumping in front of the Let's Make Orlando Shake Zumba Convention banner in front of the Fitness Concert location
Me jumping for joy at Zumba Convention

“Diana’s ankle and foot felt great the whole trip. At Zumba Convention she danced freely and easily walked around NYC.”

  • This pretty much happened.
  • Back story: a week or so before ZinCon I tweaked my ankle. I saw a physical therapist who helped me a lot, but I was nervous about being on my feet all day. For those unfamiliar, Zumba Convention is a fitness convention where you dance for HOURS for multiple days. You’re on your feet almost the whole time.
  • What happened? I did go lower intensity in some of the classes, but overall I did dance easily.
  • Idea for scripting improvement – I could have been more clear here and even added in more emotion.
  • I did easily walk around NYC.

“The trip to NYC was amazing. Diana loved being in first class where she belongs. The flight was smooth and Diana had plenty of time to have a relaxing dinner and get comfy at her AirBnb.”

  • So the part about first class and “where she belongs” kind of triggered me as I re-read it, like – “who does she think she is”. But acting as if is how I manifested getting first class tickets, and I’m working on removing money blocks. Having negative thoughts about money is something I’m working on. I’m trying to see money as good and all the ways it’s beneficial for me. Plus, it’s hard to manifest first class tickets if you don’t feel like you belong there. You manifest what you embody, not what you want.
  • What actually happened with the NYC flight – my first class tickets (the first ones I’ve ever purchased for myself) were for a flight that ended up getting delayed, and Florida thunderstorms can be a big problem with air travel. So I went to the Delta counter to see if they could move me to an earlier flight, and they had a spot open for a flight leaving in 30 minutes, but I’d lose my first class ticket. I was worried about the weather so I took the earlier flight, losing my first class ticket in the process. On the upside, when I got on the airplane, I had an exit row seat where there was actually no seat to my right (where there usually is a seat), so I had so much space!
  • I did get to NYC actually early, and the flight was smooth. Instead of chilling and getting dinner, I did a quick shopping trip, which pushed my dinner back later. Overall, it was still a chill night.
  • It wasn’t what I expected, but what I wrote did happen.
  • Tip – be specific if you want a specific outcome.
Erin May Henry and Diana Celestine at Be Unstoppable NYC
Erin May Henry and me at Be Unstoppable NYC

“The Sunday event was a blast. Diana loved Erin and Sam, and she learned so much to set up her business for success, making key relationships and learning important strategies.”

  • I attended a cool event called “Be Unstoppable” by my business coach Erin May Henry and her fellow coach Samantha Hearne.
  • And post-YouTube-video update: I’m still in touch with some of the attendees and even work with one who has helped me with the legal side of my business! So def key relationships!

“Diana enjoyed QT in her old city enjoying delicious food and picking up her Catbird ring. Stylin!”

  • I did have a blast in NYC (which is where I lived prior to living in San Francisco).
  • Here’s an example of taking intentional action – I had planned to get a custom ring by Catbird, but I kept remembering and then forgetting (and not taking action) on actually ordering it ahead. So I didn’t pick up my ring because I didn’t order it, and they need at least a week or so to custom create it. Had I actually ordered it, I’m confident this would have happened.

“Diana felt like a million bucks.”

  • I was actually feeling a little under the weather. But I did feel energetically aligned but physically worn out. Side note: that’s part of why I ended up taking a sabbatical from work in 2019.
  • So I was physically a bit low, but energetically, I did feel like a million bucks.

“After a fun and enjoyable trip, she flew back to San Francisco in ease and peace, confident in herself, loving first class flying, and enjoying another safe and smooth trip to SF.”

  • My flight was actually delayed by 5 or 6 hours.
  • I did fly first class (my second first class ticket ever), and I had access to the first class Alaska lounge, so that was so much more comfortable for the (very) long delay.
  • Technically, once the flight took off, it was smooth and safe.
  • Interestingly enough, I talked about landing early at the beginning of this trip, and that happened. But I didn’t talk about it for the return portion, and I had a delay.
  • Pretty much this portion happened as written, and I did love first class flying. I was so thankful that we got a meal on the flight because I was sooo hungry after the delay!

Summary: Scripting Manifestation Example (Travel 2019)

Did my scripting manifestation example work? Yes, it did!

Almost everything I wrote happened just like I wrote it.

In some cases, I didn’t have the experience I’d expected, but that was mostly because I had one idea in my mind, but it wasn’t necessarily how I wrote out my scripting in my journal. Oopsie.

If you’re wanting to try scripting for yourself, definitely check out my notes above where I share some lessons learned. These are also in the video embedded and linked above.

Scripting is one of my favorite tools for manifestation since I’ve now had many Law of Attraction success stories using it!

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