The Best Manifestation Technique (The Powerful Method You Need to Try Today!)

As a manifestation coach and someone who shares Law of Attraction success stories frequently, one question I get asked a lot is, “What’s the BEST manifestation technique?” I recently did a free Facebook live training to talk about this (linked at the end), but I thought I’d also write a blog post to share my answer in case you have the same question too. Plus, I’m sharing a powerful method you NEED to try today. It’s so easy and fast! You’re gonna love it.

The BEST Manifestation Technique

After working with hundreds of people to help them manifest successfully, I’ve noticed something. There actually is NOT just ONE manifestation technique that is the *best* for every single person.


My theory is that (besides the obvious fact that we’re all so different on so many levels) it comes down to learning style.

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Learning Styles and Manifestation Methods

To help my content creation game over the years, I’ve studied quite a lot about how to most effectively help people learn, and there are a few key approaches/formats/etc. that commonly work:

  • Watching / Videos / YouTube
  • Reading / Books / Blogs
  • Writing / Taking Notes
  • Listening / Podcasts

Some of us just understand and retain information much more easily when it’s in a format that we resonate with.

This is why so many people prefer so many different platforms for consuming content. And also why so many educational programs offer multiple formats to consume their content.

For example with online courses, it’s quite common for the main training format to be video, but for there to multiple formats for consumption:

  • Video (Watching)
  • Transcript (Reading)
  • Workbook / Worksheet (Writing)
  • Audio (Listening)

“I have a theory that people align to manifestation methods that are similar to their learning style.”

Diana Celestine

And I have a theory that people align to manifestation methods that are similar to their learning style. Here are some examples:

  • Watching -> Visualization, Vision Boards
  • Reading -> Affirmations, Card pulls, Scripting (if you review what you’ve already written)
  • Writing -> Scripting, 3-6-9, 55×5
  • Listening -> Guided meditation

Of course, it’s just a theory that these tie together.

But what I can say with confidence is that people generally prefer different types of methods. I haven’t met anyone who says they love ALL of them. Of course, someone out there does. But it’s far more common for me to hear that someone is really good at X technique but just “can’t get into” Y.

Comment below – which manifestation techniques do you love most and what’s your learning style?

Maybe I should conduct some research on this? Would you be interested?

Manifestation Method Outliers

Another quick note about various manifestation methods is that there are always outliers. What I mean is – people are are SUPER successful at manifestation who do not use the “best” manifestation techniques.

I’ve heard from many top manifestation thought leaders who get AMAZING results who say they “just can’t do visualization”…or something similar with other techniques.

Personally, I’ve had TONS of Law of Attraction success stories using basically the same handful of methods. I’ve never done 55×5 or 33×3, and I tried 3-6-9, but it was SO not for me.

So if even the pros can’t agree on the top technique for everyone (of course we all have our personal faves), how can there be just one best of the best of the best, sir! (someone gets this reference, right?)

So What is the BEST Manifestation Technique?

The best manifestation technique is the one that works best for YOU.

My suggestion – try different ones and see which ones feel good. The best fit ones will help you operate from ease and flow. They’ll feel natural and fun!

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The Powerful Method You Need to Try Today

If I had to pick one manifestation method for everyone to try – the one that I think would generally work best for everyone, I’d go with this one:

The “wouldn’t it be nice if ____?” technique by Abraham Hicks


  • This technique is easy, fast, and FREE. You don’t need any special tools or supplies to do it.
  • But what I think is most powerful about it is that it naturally removes resistance.

Resistance is the main thing that blocks manifestations. Without it, your manifestations will show up ASAP.

Some of us have resistance to manifestation in general. Some of us can manifest easily in some areas of our life but not so easily in others.

And even for the most skeptical of the Law of Attraction, this technique works.

It removes the need/want/urge to MAKE your manifestation happen.

After all, “wouldn’t it be nice if it did?” It’s not saying it MUST happen. Just that it would be super cool if it did.

Do you feel how light, easy, airy, and open that is? Ahh…such a relief, right?

So, next time you want to manifest something, just say to yourself or to someone in your life: “Wouldn’t it be nice if <and insert your desire>?”

So simple, so good!

And if you try this and manifest something, come back and comment below to help inspire others that they can manifest successfully too!

Free Facebook Video Training

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The best manifestation technique is personal to each individual. Potentially based on our learning styles, you’ll likely find yourself vibing with one or more over the others.

Try different methods out so you can discover your favorite.

And if you want to try one that generally works well for everyone, use the “Wouldn’t it be nice if ____?” method by Abraham Hicks. You can literally do it right now.

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Thanks for reading about The Best Manifestation Technique (The Powerful Method You Need to Try Today!).

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