How to Manifest Something Small (This Will Blow Your Mind!)

Whether you’re a beginner with manifestation and the Law of Attraction or you’re a pro always eager to learn, this post is for you. We’re going to talk about How to Manifest Something Small. This is how I personally got started with manifesting, because I definitely though manifestation was BS at first. And my early success manifesting small things turned me from a non-believer to a manifestation enthusiast. Also, it’s shockingly easy to manifest something small. Let’s jump in!

From Thought to Reality (The Basics)

Here’s the basic idea of manifestation: your thoughts shape your reality. What you think about, believe, and feel will come to life. It’s all based on the Law of Attraction.

You can read about How to Manifest Anything on this post for a full breakdown on how manifestation works. But let’s keep things simple on this post. How does that sound?

There are three steps to manifest anything, even for how to manifest something small:

  1. Decide
  2. Align
  3. Receive

We’ll go into these a bit more in a minute.

My First (Small)Manifestation Success Story

Thoughts Turning into Reality

Sounds ridiculous, right? But maybe you’re curious? That’s about where I started. I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and stressed in life. It felt like nothing was working the way I wanted it to. Like life was working against me.

Being a geek in school, I was an avid learner. School work transitioned into personal development for career success. But though I was successful on paper, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled inside. And everything seemed to be such a struggle.

Discovering Manifestation

So I turned my focus on personal development for success into personal development for fulfillment. And one thing I picked up along the way was the concept of manifestation. Being a very pragmatic computer scientist, I was a non-believer. But also being tired of the struggle, the idea of getting what I wanted in life in an easier way sounded promising. So, I started small.

My First Manifestation Success

One small thing that constantly gave me minor stress was finding a parking spot. Whether I was driving to work or going to the mall to go shopping, it always seemed like it was such a struggle to find a space. Not even a good one. Just a space. Naturally, this was the first thing I tried to manifest.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I tried to apply what I’d learned about manifestation to make a space appear with my mind. I put a lot of effort to shifting my skeptical thoughts into belief that this experiment would work. It wasn’t easy, but I just kept at it.

And you know what? The experiment worked!

I scored an amazing spot, right near the front of the building I was going to. But was it just a lucky case?

Let the Good Times Roll…

As someone used to testing concepts for school and work, I knew what to do. I tested manifestation more. And though I didn’t get every single try, I succeeded more times than I didn’t. But the best part…

…the dropping of the struggle. Shifting into reducing stress and actually getting what I wanted with (dare I say it) ease! My mind was blown. And my inner skeptic grew more and more silent as I continued to manifest bigger and better success stories (like manifesting my luxury apartment, moving cross country, and even love).

And if this former non-believer can do it, you can too!

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How to Manifest Something Small

As I mentioned above, I have a detailed blog post and video all about how to manifest anything. Definitely check that out if you’d like to get into more specifics. But since you’re here to learn how to manifest something small, let’s take some simple examples.

Note: The words you use are extremely important when it comes to manifesting, so please be mindful when you’re speaking/thinking things into existence. Do check out the post and video about How to Manifest Anything for more details.

Note: “Aligned Action” can happen in either the Align or Receive step. I’ve added options below in the how to manifest something small examples. It’s really about what feels best for you. Does taking action feel like you’re becoming an energetic match for what you desire? Or does that feel like what you need to do to receive it from the Universe? It’s all up to you.

Manifest a Parking Space

Example #1: You want to manifest an amazing parking space that is close to the front of where you’re going

Cars in a parking lot. One is pulling into a space.

Applying the three steps could look like this:

Decide: A parking space that is close to the front so you don’t have to walk far.

Align: As you’re driving to your location, start to feel gratitude for the amazing space that you know will be waiting for you. Picture the open spot and/or imagine someone pulling out of a space just as you’re driving up. Imagine how happy and excited you feel to be so lucky to get such an amazing space.

Receive: As you drive to the parking area, be prepared to park in that open space just waiting there for you. This is also a good place to check any potentially negative or skeptical thoughts since they can mess up your manifestation. So if you find yourself thinking, “Yea right. Like a space will really just be there. It’s the holidays. The parking lot will be crazy busy!” All you have to do is pivot your thoughts back to align into your desired outcome. So, revisit the Align section and keep shifting your thoughts here. I also find it helpful to think other positive thoughts. Like, “if the lot is so busy, then people are coming AND going. Lots of people will be leaving spaces too. Surely I can find one of those spots.”

When you actually park in your amazing space, be sure to practice gratitude for your manifestation coming true because this will help raise your vibes and help you receive even more manifestations.

And do note, I saw this is what the steps “could” look like on purpose. Because there’s no single path to manifestation success. The best path is the one that is best for you. Keep experimenting, and you’ll start noticing what works best for you. These are some ideas to get you going. Once you learn how to manifest something small, you can apply it to many more scenarios.

Manifest a Free Cup of Coffee

Example #2: You want to manifest a free cup of coffee

Pink cup of coffee with latte art and a golden spoon. Tiles display in the background.

Applying the three steps could look like this:

Decide: A free cup of coffee.

Align: Visualize yourself receiving a free cup of coffee from someone. Maybe a co-worker bought it for you. Maybe your favorite coffee shop decided to gift it to you for being a loyal customer. You don’t even have to imagine who is giving it to you. You can imagine the act of receiving it in general. Now (still imagining) feel how happy and grateful you are to receive this free cup of coffee. Smell it. What does it smell like? Describe it. Taste it. What does it taste like? Describe it. What kind of coffee is it? Iced, latte, espresso? How great does it smell and taste? How awesome does it feel to enjoy this free coffee? Lean into the feelings and enjoy.

Receive: As you go through your day, help the Universe bring the coffee to you. That’s taking “aligned action”. If you sit on your couch all day, sure, a cup of coffee could somehow arrive. Especially if you live with roommates, an SO, or family. But if you live alone, whilst anything is possible, you may be more likely to receive your free coffee if you actually go to a coffee shop or put yourself around someone who would have the opportunity to gift it to you. Also, just like with the above example, counter any negative thoughts, and shift back to being an energetic match using the tips in the Align section.

When you receive your free coffee, be sure to tell the Universe/God/<your choice>, “Thank you!”

Manifest Finding Something Lost

Example #3: You recently lost something small in your home, and you can’t find it anywhere. You wish to manifest your lost item to return.

Two checkboxes display. The top one says Lost. The bottom one says Found. Only the bottom one is checked.

Applying the three steps could look like this:

Decide: Your list item will be found.

Align: As you move about your home, imagine the surprise and delight at walking into a room and your lost item just sitting there waiting for you. Or picking up a blanket from the couch (as an example) and boom! There it is. You can also get into the energy of finding your lost item when your’e outside of your home. For example, as you’re driving around, be playfully curious about where you’re going to find it. You can think of funny places it could be hiding. Fun and playful energy is powerful for manifesting. As you continue aligning, feel how relieved, happy, grateful, etc. you’ll feel to re-unite with your lost item. And take aligned action by keeping an eye out for it, maybe cleaning your rooms or de-cluttering, etc.

Receive: Fight the urge to say, “I’m never going to see _____ again.” That will create resistance towards what you desire. Speak and think about finding your lost item like it’s inevitable. Like you know it’s there, it’s just a matter of time or discovering where it’s hiding. Always pivot to the ideal outcome.

Be sure to practice gratitude when you’re reunited with your lost item!

Small Things to Manifest Ideas List

Here are some more ideas for small things to manifest (for anyone really, but beginners may find this list especially appealing for when you’re just getting started):

  • Seeing a particular animal
  • A penny, dollar bill, or other amount of money
  • Seeing a specific image/thing (for example: a red BMW, a peace sign, or a pineapple)
  • Seeing a particular shape (heart, diamond, etc.)
  • A seat at a restaurant or coffee shop
  • A particular food or drink item
  • Seeing a specific word or phrase
  • A button
  • Hearing a particular song
  • A book
  • A text (from someone you’re not worried about getting a text from)*

As mentioned above, the size of your desire is the same to the Universe. So if you’re wanting to manifest something small, choose something you have little to no resistance/fear/anxiety about seeing/getting/achieving.

*For example, receiving a text from your BFF may not be a big deal to you while getting one from your crush may seem impossible. It’s your feeling about the thing that makes it “big” or “small”.

What else would you add to this list? Comment below!

Conclusion on How to Manifest Something Small

The steps for how to manifest something small are the same for manifesting something big. To the Universe, it’s the same. But since we’re spiritual beings having a *human* experience, it can be easier for some of us to start manifesting by starting small.

The key is using the right words, thoughts, and feelings. It’s about always shifting from doubt and negativity to belief and positivity. It’s human to question and be skeptical. Personally, I was (and sometimes still am) very skeptical of woo things. But if you want your manifestation to work, you’ll want to keep pivoting towards trusting it will work.

By having success manifesting small things, this can grow your confidence with manifesting, as well as your skills. It’s something that gets easier with time as you have more experience and learn more about how you work with the principles and manifestation techniques.

Two things will also help you manifest something small successfully:

1) Shifting from a negative to positive mindset

2) Adopting high vibe habits as a daily practice (you only need 1-3, especially when you’re just starting)

And you’re in the right place. I talk about both of these topics extensively here on The Chic Life. So you can learn a ton from my free content. If you’d like a custom experience, someone to guide you, or to be able to ask questions about how this all applies to your specific life and challenges, then definitely check out my page about my 1:1 coaching. I’m here to support you in stepping into your full potential and living your best life. Feel free to comment, DM me on Instagram or Facebook, or email any time.

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Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about How to Manifest Something Small. I hope you found this post super helpful.

Comment below – what is something small you will manifest? Speak it into existence by saying it as though you have the thing or has already happened. Examples: “I love my dream job” or “My wedding was beyond my wildest dreams!”

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  2. Thank you for this article! It just makes so much sense and I like your sharing of the perspective. It’s a nice reminder that these things do seem magical, and it CAN happen.

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  4. Thank you for this. I happened to find this page as I accidentally manifested the exact parking spot at my child’s school for market day this morning and then went on to manifest a even better parking spot for my other child’s beach day on the same day. I am a believer but I am still in so much awe of how it all worked ! I do believe it now but I guess I am still in shock!

  5. Just had to leave a comment πŸ™‚ I ‘happened’ upon this page when I searched for a list of random small things to manifest for fun – to take my mind off an issue that was starting to bug me. I had to laugh when the first suggestion was ‘parking space’ – mind blown indeed, as the very thing I was trying to forget about was the double yellow lines they’re proposing to put all around the corner where I live – and currently park :/ Coincidence ? I don’t think so! It was exactly the synchronicitous bad joke I needed to break my mood lol Just on the lookout for a robin, a Β£1 coin and an unexpected message from a friend – any friend will do lol oh! and finding the box of beach glass pendants I made during lockdowns and must’ve put in a ‘safe place’… πŸ˜› Lesley x


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