Using Clothes for Weight Loss Goals

It’s already 11:30 pm and I’m just starting my post, so I’ll try to keep this short (and I may be a bit lazy and not download the photos from my other camera…hehe).


I made another individual breakfast crisp, except this morning I used a farmers market peach and my farmers market blueberries. Such a lovely combo of fruit!

I know oven-baked foods don’t seem like a good idea on a work week morning, but I think this guy saved me time. Instead of having to sit there and stir a pot of oatmeal, I just mixed the ingredients for this up and popped it into the oven. In the 20-ish minutes it took for my breakfast crisp to bake up, I got dressed and did my hair and makeup. By the time I was ready to go, so was my breakfast! :)


And look at the colors in my breakfast! The warm oranges to the deep purple…it looks like a sunset!! So pretty! Of course, it tasted fabulous, too. The tender fruit and that chewy/crunchy topping. Divine! What a treat in the morning. You must try this sometime! I bet it would make for a healthy dessert, too…I’m just sayin.


I had another fabulous night of zumba. Tonight, I led solo: Tik Tok and Break Your Heart. Both FUN songs! I love doing them!

My training is more than half way over and I’m going to have to do 3 demonstrations (as in lead ENTIRE classes solo) soon…eek! I’m nervous! Guess I’d better buckle down for the last bit of my training!


Post class I had a fabulous dinner with Megan!


And I came home to a treat – froyo! Hubby picked out one of my fave flavors – taro – and added my fave topping – lots of berries! Thank you hubby!!


So last week we talked a lot about our surprise good and bad foods. This week, my curiosity is in the clothing realm. As in, I want to know if you use clothes for weight loss goals. Like, saying something along the lines of “by the end of the summer, I want to wear a itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini”… Or, “In a year, I hope to be able to wear __________”?

I feel like I’ve used clothes more than a few times before when I had weight loss or health goals. What about you?

Do you use clothes for weight loss goals? I’d love to hear your opinion – please weigh in with a comment. :)

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  1. says

    I NEVER use clothes for weight-loss goals! I tried this once, and it didn’t work at all: when I lost weight, I didn’t just “get skinnier”, I gained a lot of muscle, too, so the dress I was losing weight for still didn’t fit correctly.

    I think it’s a lot better to get to your ideal weight, then shop for it! Now that I’m in good shape, I’ve been wearing the same sizes for a long time.

    I should add that “losing weight” for me meant losing about three or four pounds… it was more a matter of getting fit and toned than actually dropping fat. Maybe it’s different if you’re losing larger amounts? Or if you’re losing weight solely through dieting and not through muscle-building exercise (which doesn’t seem like a good idea)?

  2. says

    I use clothes to keep my weight in check. If my pants feel a bit snug I start drinking more water and watch my fats. I am at a pretty comfortable weight right now and am not looking to lose any more, but clothes are sure way for me to know I am right on track.

  3. says

    i use clothes for weight-loss goal. the very motivation why i stick to this is wanting to wear a bikini after reaching my weight goal:)

  4. says

    I do use them, to keep me focused on muscle tone. My exercise of choice is running, so because I enjoy it it requires little motivation (like your zumba!) but weights are harder b/c i don’t choose to afford a gym right now. Seeing how my clothes fit and thinking about how they can fit keeps me going.
    As an aside, I love how enthused you are about zumba! If there were an evening class near me I’d be going back too. Enjoy the rest of your training!

  5. says

    I have never used clothes for weight loss goals but I can agree with trying to fit into pants as a way to measure success – I just can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe if my pants don’t fit!

    That fruit crisp looks amazing – what a great breakfast.

  6. says

    My answer might be a little different because I have a history of disordered eating. I use my current clothes as a judge of my weight because I avoid stepping on scales (or dealing with numbers on general). I have in the past used clothes as a weight loss motivator, but in the end it always seemed to put more pressure on me than was healthy.

    For example, I remember one time I had this skirt that I worked SO hard to fit into. Then one day I finally did – yay! Then I washed it, it came out all wrinkled, so I ironed it…and ruined it. Oops!

    Needless to say, I was DEVASTATED. Too devastated, in fact. Turns out I had convinced myself that there was something magical about THAT skirt. I realized that the emphasis on the clothing was taking away from my ability to just enjoy living a healthy life. Does that make sense?

    Sorry for the super-long comment!

  7. says

    I don’t normally use clothes for weight loss goals – but bikinis are super motivators lol so maybe I should rephrase that to “only in the summer!”

    But overall, I feel like looking good in those clothes, no matter what size they happen to be (:

  8. says

    I use clothes to keep my weight/body in check. If I’m not fitting into my clothes from last year then I need to make some modifications. But I am not into buying clothes that don’t fit me right now and I hope to eventually fit into. It’s counterproductive/discouraging for me.

  9. says

    Does a wedding dress count? That’s the one that sticks out most in my mind. I had it fitted but I just wanted to look generally good in it.

    Other than that, I use clothes as a motivator in that I tell myself if I lose weight, I can buy new clothes — but not until then :)

  10. says

    I have not always been heavy, so I use some of my old clothes as motivators. I knew I needed to lose weight when my back then ‘fat jeans’ were now considered my skinny jeans because i had new ‘fatter jeans’. Now I use my old pants and old tops as motivators. I’m waiting until I get to a certain weight to try them back on.

    I also used to have a skirt that used to almost fall off of me. For a while I couldn’t even button it. When I finally could fit into it again, it felt amazing.

    I can’t say that I would purposely go out and buy something too small though, these were all things I already owned. I do love feeling lose jeans. Or, I tried on a blazer last week that i’d had for a while and I was swimming in it. That made me feel amazing..

    I say thumbs up to clothes measuring!

  11. says

    This might sound funny, but i tend to judge my weight if my thighs touch when im standing. When I brush my teeth in the morning, I tend to stand there, look at my thighs, notice if they/they’re not touching and go from there haha. I’m also a cycler that has recently switched to running, which has really morphed the muscles in my legs. (Which makes more sense, I suppose).

  12. Cyndi says

    I’ve lost 50 pounds so far (with 53 more to go), and I just bought a shirt I *LOVE* but in a size that I won’t be able to wear until I’m at my goal weight. It’ll be a great motivator for me, since I really, really want to wear it :)

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