Meatless Friday: Oh She Glows Spelt Burgers


After seeing them on her blog and then on her guest post for my Meatless 4 Lent series, I knew I had to try Angela’s (Oh She Glows) famous In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers (click for recipe).

Btw, these are vegan veggie spelt burgers!


I put the recipe in a word doc and printed it out, complete with a photo (I’m very visual).


Ingredients gathered.


Into the food processor (I am in love with the color of this thing btw!).


Stopped to scrape the sides. Keep going!


There we go.

I wasn’t sure exactly how far to take the mixture, but I think it’s one of those – make it to your texture preference kinds of things. I wanted mine to have some texture but not be too chunky.


Here’s what mine looked like after I stopped processing.


In seeds!

We didn’t have pepitas so I just used extra sunflower seeds. As a promoter of diverse eating, I recommend picking up a handful of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) at the bulk section of your fave grocery store (the more health-food-y ones will have them in bulk) – they would be great in this recipe and you can keep the leftovers in your freezer to use at oatmeal toppers!


I was so happy to use more spelt flour. It is my current favorite flour.


To help me portion out the patties, I flattened out the mixture and drew in a cross. I broke each quadrant into 2 even balls to roll/shape into patties.



Ready to bake.

After the first 15, the bottoms were still a bit damp, so I gave them another 5 minutes before flipping.



While our veggie burgers baked away, hubby cooked up some Annie’s mac and cheese for our side. He is a macaroni and cheese making machine!


Btw, be sure to use a metal or very thin spatula, or your veggie burgers will turn out like mine. My plastic spatula didn’t quite get under the bottom-most layer, so they got a little rough. When I switched to a metal one, it worked like a charm.




Dinner is served! Delicious meatless-Friday meal for the Lent season.

I wish I would have had another veggie side. I can’t seem to get enough veggies.



Oh, and Angela is right – the sunflower seeds are amazing in this – they add so much texture. And, I loved how I could taste a bit of the dill so subtly in each bite. Yum!


Hubby (the meat & potatoes guy) seemed to like these pretty good, though I think he would have enjoyed them more in true burger form – with a bun and toppings and condiments and all that jazz. I like my veggie burgers plain. :mgrgreen:


I got seconds….split a veggie burger with hubby and got more mac and cheese. Yummers

Have you tried Angela’s spelt burgers yet? Click here for her In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers recipe.

Project Hydrate Day #12

I paired water with my coffee this morning and I think it made a big different in my water consumption. I mean, just starting on my water earlier in the day gives me the opportunity to consume more water.

I ended up downing 8 cups of water and a hot tea all before my workout after work today. Nice!


Need help with Project Hydrate or general hydration tips? Check out this The Chic Life Facebook discussion.



I have like 5 more M4L (Meatless 4 Lent) guest posts lined up – I can’t wait to share them with you. We’ve had some fab posts so far and we have some more great ones to go! You guys are going to have so many wonderful meatless meal ideas, you won’t won’t miss it!

SanFran0309 118

Also, one year ago today, I was eating dim sum in San Francisco! Click for my yummy dim sum eats and photos from San Fran’s Chinatown. Man, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to SF. I want to go baaack…soon! Maybe for Foodbuzz? ;)

Starbucks Friday Too?


Goodbye Bagel Day Friday?

As most of you know, I celebrate Starbucks Monday every Monday and Bagel Day Friday every Friday. While I still adore my vanilla soy lattes, I’ve been falling out of love with bagels. I mean, I used to eat bagels almost every day, but since turning my attention to really focusing on eating whole grains and finding so many delicious options (hello oatmeal and power toast), I don’t really see any point in eating bagels any more…especially since I don’t really care for them. I mean, if I’d as soon eat a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of whole grain toast as eat a bagel….why not eat the choice that’s better for me?


Of course, this morning, I ended up asking hubby to pick up another fave splurge of mine – the Starbucks spinach feta wrap.

Will I be having Starbucks FRIDAY too now? Hmm…



I love the tender inside paired with the crispy tortilla. Yummers!


I’ve added water to my breakfast to drink with my coffee. The slice of lemon is so visually pretty….plus it makes the water taste good. I really think it makes me want to drink more water. :mrgreen:


Later on – more water and a yerba mate latte.

I had TONS of water today! I did a really good job with Project Hydrate. Must have been the lemon? ;)


I had a repeat of yesterday for lunch.




I had another veggie hummus sammie: Great Harvest Dakota bread, TJ’s organic hummus, spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, and HEMP SEEDS! Yes, I added the hemp seeds because…well, why not? They’re good for you and you can’t really taste them. Plus they add a lil extra protein.


On the side, I noshed on some red bell pepper and cucumber (I chopped too much up!) and some dill pickles. I love the tang of pickles!


Hubby picked up more local doughnuts today. How could I saw no to one.


I couldn’t. :)


I had a healthier snack later – a small handful of raw almonds (there were more but I ate some before remembering a photo…oops!)


Hey, I have almost twice as many Facebook friends today as I did yesterday – you guys rock! If you’re not my FB friend yet, click here to become one. :) Oh, and you should check out my page either way because I have some stuff in the works and my FB friends will find out FIRST!

Oh, and if you’re celebrating Lent and not sure what meatless meal to eat tonight (or if you’re vegetarian or vegan) check out these articles for ideas:

You can check out my other recipe ideas on my Recipe page.

Random reader question: Do you drink water with lemon? Lime? Something else? Or plain/straight-up?

Bloggies Do Zada Janes + Amelie’s


Before I forget, you guys are hilarious with your cupcake eating styles. Here are some:

  • Tasha – I’m a topper – I eat the top first, then the bottom half. It totally reminds me of the Muffin Stump episode on Seinfeld! =)
  • Katie – I have to admit, I usually lick all of the icing off the top right away!
  • Caitlin – I eat all of the icing first (although I am picky with icing and if it is too sweet I won’t eat it)!

Love it! Have a cupcake eating style? Weigh in here (click).




Today has been pretty fabulous. First a yummy breakfast complete with a homemade dark chocolate almond butter topping, then a yummy + refreshing lunch, plus some (short) QT with Bailey

I had some new friends join my The Chic Life Facebook page (check it out for the inside scoop, to be the first to know about giveaways, and other cool stuff like that).

and then…

A food-bloggie-get-together!!!!!


I got gussied up with some biker-ish jeans and a biker-ish jacket softened up with a girly pale-pink ruffle tank.


And if I look taller than normal, it’s because I was wearing these bad boys. My ankle booties…Boo-yah! I scored these cute booties on clearance at Marshall’s one day. I think they were full price over $100 but around $30 for moi. Yesss!


I met up with Jessie, Jennifer and Katie (who was stopping by on her way to FitBloggin – jealous!). We went to Zada Jane’s, which happens to be a restaurant where I had another bloggie get together with Kath, Tina (from Carrots N Cake), Stacey, Michelle, Kate, Nate, Jason, Ben, and of course Mal.

I love the fun & funky vibe in Zada Jane’s.



I had a glass of La Villa pinot grigio.


Jessie in action.




For my dinner, I chose the crab cake sandwich. I LOVE crab cakes, but I wasn’t sure how I’d like it in sandwich format. I’ve always been a bit afraid to order a crab cake sandwich for fear of hating it, but you know what…it was DEE-LISH!

I ordered collard greens for my side, they were pretty awesome, too, though a little sweeter than I’m used to. I still enjoyed them.

I didn’t quite finish my meal, but…I did save room for dessert.




After dinner, we hit up local French bakery Amelie’s.




…there were plenty of yummy sweets to choose from.


We found a spot in the Atrium area behind the bakery. It was so bright! It felt like daylight out there! I loved the greenery. It was the perfect place for us girls to chat it up over dessert.



I ended up selecting the recommendation of the guy helping me – the fruit tart. Hellooooo

I have fond memories of fruit tarts enjoyed in France when I was on exchange in high school. I remember the last day of our trip, we were allowed 1/2 a day of free time. I wandered around the streets of the town we were visiting and hit up a patisserie like it was my job. I think I got a pain au chocolat, something else, and a fruit tart. Pain au chocolat is normally my fave, but that day, the fruit tart won my heart.


Though I think it’s impossible to compare a French baked good to one IN France, this one was really really good!

I liked the selection of fruits on top of the tart – they even used kiwi. Yum! The sweet cream filling was really tasty. I could probably eat that stuff like pudding!


Nom nom nom


I traded in the last bite of my tart for…



…a bite of the dessert I was bringing home to hubby. Amelie’s famous salted caramel brownie. Jessie told me the brownie wasn’t brownie-like in texture at all. She was totally right! The brownie was definitely delicious, though! I didn’t notice any obvious salt flavor – it was very subtle (for any one who’s scared to try it), but in general, I really liked the combination of flavors.

I mean chocolate + caramel = delicious!

Thank you ladies for the fun get-together! Let’s do that again soon! :D

Project Hydrate Day #11

The citrus in my water is really encouraging me to drink more. Starting earlier in the day helps, too, though I did get side-tracked this morning and didn’t remember to do my “glass of water first thing” like I did yesterday.


Yay! Met my goal today! :) How are you doing?

Share your tips or problems (so we can send you some tips) on The Chic Life Facebook discussion (click here for direct link to the discussion).


Click here to check out my Facebook page and become a fan. Be in the know when you get the inside scoop on my FB page. :)

Like chocolate peanut butter but only have a plain nut butter? Click here for an easy recipe to make your own chocolate nut butter.

If you can’t eat meat on Fridays for Lent or if you’re vegetarian or vegan, check out this awesome guest post by Oh She Glows for veggie burgers!

This mushroom ravioli dinner from last May would be an easy vegetarian meal for a meatless Friday dinner.

“Green” Eggs + “Ham”


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Did you remember to wear green? I did – a lil green for each outfit change. You’ll see…

And before I forget, sorry for not responding to comments the last couple days. I’ve been staying up late just trying to get other things (like taxes…ugh) done, so I’ll get back to them asap. :) I read them all I just haven’t had the chance to respond!


I’ve decided that I need to start earlier on Project Hydrate. I usually don’t drink anything but coffee (which I only have 1 mug of in the AM) before about 10 or 10:30am. That’s roughly 2-3 hours of time I could be hydrating but am not!

This morning, I started with water first thing. Ok, first, I got my coffee brewing (priorities people!) but while my coffee brewed, I downed half a cup of water. I think the water helped wake me up better than the coffee!



I was down to the last of my Barney Butter. Most people get excited about Oatmeal in a Jar.


Here’s how I like to clean out my nut butter containers. heehee :lol: Get it Bailey!


I’ve been running late all week, so Power Toast is my quick go-to when I’m short on time.



AB+J Power Toast!

(almond butter + jelly)


  • Barney Butter
  • Earthfare Organic Pomegranate jelly
  • flaxseeds
  • chia seeds

Such a great way to start the day! I think I need to re-create this for lunch some time.


I wonder if drinking lots of water makes you want to drink more water?

Normally, for Project Hydrate, I finish my first 4 cup water bottle around 2pm with a cup or two of hot tea. Today, I finished my pink bottle, a yerba mate latte, AND that cup from this morning by 1pm! I was an hour earlier with the pink bottle, plus I had an extra cup of water to tack on to my total.


I went out for lunch again. :( I’ve been eating out way too much lately! Too much for my liking at least. I think b/c this week has been so busy and I missed my prep day this past Sunday.


Today for lunch I had a hummus sammie…


…and some Vibrance tea and fresh fruit. My lunch was very healthful, but pretty pricey, too.

Note the 2 extra cups liquids…yay!


Around 3pm, I realized I’d only consumed roughly 800 calories for the day. I’m not counting, but I like to keep a rough guess-timate. Typically, I’m concerned with not getting enough food. I’ve had issues with restrictive eating before (more on that in a future post/page).

Anywho, factoring in that I’d be burning roughly 500-600 calories in zumba class later with a net total of 200-300, I realized I needed to eat more food to fuel up for zumba.

Kashi crackers were my answer.


Plus an organic apple.


As for my green – here’s my half-a$$ attempt – a pale green scarf. I was already dressed when I realized I needed to wear green and didn’t feel like changing. The scarf was my greenest accessory.


More zumba fuel on the way to class – a GREEN Amazing Grass Chocolate food bar.

Oh and do you see my green pants in the background?


Yup, when I packed for class, I remembered to bring green – my bright green zumba pants that is!




I had some really great ideas for dinner tonight. I wanted to make a tofu or tempeh Shepherd’s Pie…alas, I didn’t leave zumba till about 8pm, so a slow-baking dinner was not in my cards.

So, instead of Irish-y eats, I went with green eats. I thought…what about Green Eggs & Ham with pesto and spinach and a non-meat “ham”? I didn’t feel like buying all the ingredients to make pesto mostly because it’s kind of expensive, so I had hubby pick up some pesto. I’m not sure how much it cost but he said the ready made pesto was expensive, so I may have been better off making it from scratch.


This pesto was not very green. :( But it tasted pretty good at least :)

IMG_6463.JPG.jpg IMG_6470.JPG.jpg

IMG_6465.JPG.jpg IMG_6473.JPG.jpg

So we went “green” for the eggs festive in color and with “potatoes” to be festive in flavor. I saw a sign at Trader Joe’s saying something about getting potatoes for St Patricks Day. It seemed like a good idea.

Dinner cooked up quickly, which I was thankful for since I didn’t get home till closer to 9pm.


For my “ham”, I used Morningstarbacon strips” (since hubby and I gave up meat for Lent).


So, my eggs didn’t turn out green, even though I stirred in some fresh spinach. But like I said, it tasted good. :) I even liked the bacon broken into the eggs. I was surprised at how crispy the “bacon” got.




OJ to drink.




Hubby got us cupcakes to celebrate St Patricks day. He got the vanilla and I got the chocolate.


Not only were the cupcakes delicious, they were festive, too! Perfect with some skim organic milk.

Speaking of cupcake eating…do you have a style or pattern you follow when you eat your cupcakes?

Here’s how I eat mine.


If the cupcake has a lot of icing, I like to level it off (by licking off the icing of course…no sense in putting it to waste).


Then, you peel off the wrapper (not all the way) and bite into it, making sure to get some of the cupcake and some of the icing in each bite.


When you get to the last couple bites, you can discard the wrapper.


The last bite is quite possibly the best! (the only competition is the first bite…yum).


Done-zo! :)

How do you eat your cupcakes?

Project Hydrate Day #10

Tidbits: I’ve received comments that it’s hard to stay hydrated when you’re cold. This is a problem for me, too, because I’m ALWAYS cold at work! So, I totally feel your pain. Truly.

My solution if coldness keeps you from hydrating:

  • Drink hot tea (try to use as little sweetener and milk/creamer as possible – I like a little but it can really add up if you’re drinking many cups of tea) – added bonus – the hot tea will help keep you warm and many teas have good nutritional benefits.
  • Stay warm – I keep a blanket and extra jacket at work to help stay warm. I even have leg warmers for emergency situations and yes, I have used them at the office – click for proof.
  • Drink hot water with a squeeze of lemon – I’ve heard a lot of people drink this in the morning instead of coffee. I’ve only done this a couple times just because I prefer tea which has more flavor.
  • Suck it up – hydration is important.
  • Maybe try room temp water? That way it won’t make you colder?

I think starting first thing this morning with water was a big key to my success today!


  • 1 cup water first thing this morning
  • 1 pink bottle ~4 cups finished by 1pm
  • 1 yerba mate latte finished
  • 2 cups worth iced, unsweetened Vibrance tea
  • 1 turquoise bottle ~3 cups

How are you doing with Project Hydrate? Do you need any tips? Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Plus, I’d like to hear how you guys are doing. Updates please! :)

Remember my random reader question – how do you eat your cupcakes?

Head-Sized Salad


Who else is missing their hour!? It’s not just me, right?

Btw, sorry to anyone who is seeing some funky stuff with my list of links along the top of my blog (Home, About, Recipes, etc). I tried to add drop down lists to my site yesterday and just when I thought I had it working, I checked my blog on my iPhone today only to see it’s broken. Grr. Apparently it’s working for some browsers, but not all.

If you’re seeing some weird stuff (like the list of links going top to bottom instead of across), let me know in a comment and tell me what kind of browser you’re using – it would be really helpful info if don’t mind. I got home too late to work on this tonight, but I hope to take a looksie tomorrow.


My fabulous Energy Bite Oatmeal this morning got me on the right foot.


Starbucks Monday helped – tall vanilla soy latte. Since starting Project Hydrate, I haven’t wanted to drink as much Starbucks as I normally do.

I really believe that when you’re tired at work, water is a better solution than caffeine anyways. But I have post planned for that topic…more on that later.




As for lunch, since I didn’t have my prep day yesterday, I totally ate out! Gah! I’ve been eating out so much! I need another Eat in Month! :lol:

I had soup leftovers and a great whole grain carb, but I really wanted some veggies. I wanted a lot of veggies actually. I figured a salad was my best option.


I got a GIANT salad. It was as big as my head!




Salad: spinach, romaine, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta, tomato vinaigrette on the side (for dipping – it’s the best way to control the amount of dressing you eat and I’m not a fan of salads swimming in dressing).

I thought about saving half the bowl for tomorrow, but I figured average people can’t really eat too many veggies, so why not down the whole thing? I was hoping it would give me some good energy and nutrition for a workout later.


A little later, I had some plain Dakota bread (wanted to toast it but the toaster was taken in the 2 minute break I had) and some curry lentil soup leftover from Saturday.


Yerba mate latte.



About an hour before my post-work workout, I had 2/3 of this blueberry almond granola bar. It was so good! I’m addicted! Eek! I need to figure out how to make these at home. They are like granola bars but more cake like. I bet I could come up with something good using nutritious spelt flour.


ZUMBA double-header. Two hours back to back.


I love Mondays! :)


Post workout Aria protein shake.


Post workout water.


Post workout sushi.

Actually, my friend Kat got the sushi – The Grinch.


I got the Tiger Wok shrimp appetizer.


I should have taken a video for you guys b/c this dish came out with the rice puffs snap, crackle and poppin! Seriously! It was pretty neat.


I love this dish because of the tangy lime squeezed over the shrimp paired with the salsa like base – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and avocado…plus lots of pepper and some other stuff – sesame seeds and what not.

Project Hydrate Day #8

I’m so pleased to hear that most of you guys are doing well with Project Hydrate! Go team! :mrgreen:

Today marks the start of the second week of the challenge and I really feel like it’s getting easier.

I also noticed a slight improvement in my workout today. I normally start getting pretty tired in the first hour of class and just push through, skipping some songs so I don’t totally exhaust myself (I think I injured myself last year when I pushed myself too hard – remember to be careful and take care of yourselves people!). Today I felt like I had more energy. Perhaps hydration is my energy slump solution.


  • pink bottle – about 4 cups
  • turquoise bottle – about 3 cups (includes liquid for protein shake)
  • 1 yerba mate tea
  • 1 cup water with dinner

Though I needed to drink more water today because of my workout, I still did pretty well. Yay! How’s your second week treating you?


Did you check out my recipe on the Natural Food List yet? Remember to sign up for the newsletter for some awesome coupons for free. No, they didn’t ask me or pay me to say that. I signed up for the list today and thought you may like the tidbit, too. :)

I’m so happy I got some new questions on my Formspring! Keep em coming!

And, one year ago today:

  • It was my first day on my current work assignment
  • I was on Week 7 of Small Changes, Big Results (SCBR)
  • I was still counting calories
  • I was feeling a bit under the weather and made my mom’s Get Well Soup to feel better
  • I also had a fabulous veggie juice to help feel better
  • And, my favorite thing – I was packing for my trip to San Francisco!

Random reader question: What do you eat when you want veggies away from home?

Post Dinner Snack for a Healthier Indulgence


I’m still thinking about that delicious muffin I had for breakfast! If only Great Harvest were open tomorrow – I would totally be there. I will have to settle for Starbucks Monday instead. :)

I did enjoy my citrus-y/cucumber-y water today. Plus, I had fun using one of our wedding gifts.


I had a big project to do this afternoon, so I got some brain fuel ready – Cheerful Cherry Energy Bites and a Yerba Mate Latte (yerba mate tea with milk and organic cane sugar).




As for my “project” today. It made me want to PULL MY HAIR OUT! I was working on adding drop down lists to my menu for The Chic Life blog today. Even though I studied programming in college, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not to mention, programming is significantly more difficult when you don’t work with the code every day and there’s a reason why I’m not a programmer/developer by profession.

I spent HOURS and HOURS today trying to figure out how to do drop down lists on my own. I probably read 30 tutorials and used bits and pieces from a few different ones to piece together a solution.

Anywho, fiiiiiinally, after many frustrating hours, I figured it out. Sort of. I mean, the drop down list menu is far from perfect, but it works. At least…it works on my browser…not sure how it will function with older versions (upgrade people! please? :) ).

You can test it out by hovering over my “Fitness” link in the top menu. It’s the only one with a sub-menu.




Thanks to my project taking longer than I expected, I skipped Prep Day Sunday. I was pretty bummed, too, because hubby picked out a tasty looking Clean Food soup recipe. Perhaps I’ll make it this week or next Sunday?

Additionally, a home-cooked meal was not on the agenda. Hubby picked up Chinese take-out.


Half a small egg drop soup plus a couple pieces of crunchies.



3 Veggie pot stickers with dipping sauce.


Plus some veggie lo mein.

Everything was tasty, but a bit on the heavy side – especially that lo mein!

So, I talked the other day about snacking BEFORE a heavy dinner, but you can also snack AFTER a healthy dinner to have a healthier indulgence.

Healthy Eating Tip: Next time you’re having a heavy dinner, if you don’t want to fill up on the heavy foods, save some room for a healthy post-dinner snack.


I decided on some Stonyfield Oikos in Vanilla and some Earthfare Whole Grain Berry Granola.



My yogurt parfait was like a healthy snack AND dessert! Score!

Project Hydrate Day #7

Only Day #7 and I’m starting to lose count of which day of Project Hydrate I’m on! :lol: Anywho, so one week down and I’m feeling pretty good. I think the key to my hydration is the fact that I’m paying more attention to it. That and that I’m more prepared – I have more water/liquids on hand in order to hydrate myself AND I’m working harder on actually drinking more. The combination is really working for me.

My citrus-water-pitcher trick (thanks for the reminder Fran!) was very successful, too. I also found I drank more of the water when it was sitting right in front of me.


  • 5 cups of citrus water
  • 1 cup of yerba mate tea

Ok, still not reaching my goal, but better than a typically Sunday. With these things, I measure success in improvements, not in reaching my goal day #1.

How are you measuring the success of your hydration goal?

Who’s ready for Monday? I think I need another Sunday still!

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