(No Share) Cake Minis – A Teaser

There are a few things that I make again and again here on The Chic Life:

Well friends…I smell a new trend forming here on the bloggie…

Behold! Teaser photos! *wink*










Good things come in small packages. Coming soon to TCL – Individual Cake Bakes aka (No Share) Cake Minis. They’re sweet, they’re vegan, and they’re just big enough for one person – no sharing, please! The recipe will make just enough for two people – two separate cake minis! No more scrubbing muffin pans, people. Bake just enough for you and a friend…or for you to enjoy twice! Easy, tasty, and fun to bake.

I have 1 flavor done, 1 in testing, and more ideas in my head than I have time to bake! 😉

Reader Q #1 – What are you favorite repeat foods here on TCL?

Reader Q #2 – What Cake Mini flavors would you like to see?

17 thoughts on “(No Share) Cake Minis – A Teaser”

  1. I’d love to see some cake minis for the following flavor combos: carrot cake, boston creme pie and red velvet! These are the flavors that I think about but don’t want to make a whole cake to enjoy between just two of us!


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