Glow Up Ins and Outs 2024

I was working on my Glow Up Checklist blog post when the “Ins and Outs” trend was popping up all over social. So, of course, I thought of all the different kinds of Ins and Outs lists I could make. Naturally – glow ups were on my mind. So, I had to put this Glow Up Ins and Outs 2024 post together for you!

2024 Glow Up Ins & Outs List
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What’s a Glow Up Ins and Out List?

An Ins and Outs List is basically a list of everything that is cool or on trend at the moment for a given theme. For this post, we’re talking glow-ups!

Ins and Outs are very subjective and different people can easily create completely different lists based on their values, preferences, opinions, experiences, and beyond.

Personally, I like to take a holistic approach (beyond just beauty) with glow ups, so my list covers many different areas of life. And generally, I also aim to create lists that are pretty realistic and reasonable, while also being rooted in self love and self worth.

As always, I recommend using my content as a baseline to see what resonates (or not) with you. Check out my list and then consider making your own Glow Up Ins and Outs List.

Glow Up Ins and Outs 2024

Here are the BEST Glow Up ideas (and ones you should skip) according to my opinion as a personal development geek.

Glow Up Ins

  • Hydration: Hydration is obviously good for your health, but it also helps with your skin while also boosting your energy naturally.
  • Positive affirmations: Positive affirmations can help you overcome negative thoughts and foster a positive mindset. Try these glow up affirmations!
  • Self love: Self love is a strong foundation for all the things.
  • Walking: Walking is great for cardio, clearing your mind, and helping your body reset.
  • Nourishing yourself: Nourishing yourself goes beyond healthy eating – it’s about doing what’s best for your body and giving yourself what you need beyond just food. Get my (mostly) healthy recipes here.
  • Meditating: Meditation helps calm your mind and connect with Source Energy.
  • Food freedom: Food freedom isn’t for everyone, but it can help you develop a positive relationship with food when you let go of restriction.
  • Self care: Self care, especially when done from a place of self love (not self hate), is so powerful.
  • Optional makeup: Makeup can be super fun and help boost your confidence. It’s also nice to not feel obligated to wear it all the time.
  • Soul-aligned friends: Friends who are in alignment with you help you relax into being your authentic self while also being super compatible and empowering.
  • Being kind: Kindness is always a good idea.
  • Making time for rest: Working hard is admirable, but pushing yourself beyond your capabilities and never slowing down is not the vibe. You deserve rest.
  • Epsom salt baths: These can help relax your muscles while also helping soothe you mind, body, and soul before bed. Add a couple drops of lavender essential oil for an even more relaxing experience.
  • Inner child healing: Heal your emotional wounds so you can be more free and happy.

Glow Up Outs

  • Negative self-talk: Positive self-talk is SO much more productive and empowering. Banish your inner critic in 2024!
  • Mindless scrolling: Let go of the mindless scrolling so you can do something you actually enjoy or find a better form of relaxation.
  • Rushing around: We’re taking our time this year so we can operate from a place of calm.
  • People pleasing: Just say no to people pleasing in 2024. It’s normal to want to make others happy. Make sure you balance this with boundaries.
  • Drama: The more you enjoy and engage with drama, the more you will attract to your life. Choose carefully.
  • Being too busy: Busy culture is way out. Be sure to balance your life so you don’t burn out or make yourself miserable.
  • Restricting food: Focusing on what good and nourishing food to *add* is so much better than what to take away. (Unless you have medical, cultural, religious, or other important reason to do so)
  • Skipping appointments: Prioritize your health and take care of those appointments.
  • Forcing workouts: You don’t have to go hard in the gym every day. Rest days are in.
  • Being judgy: Being judgy is pretty useless and adds to lowering your vibe. Spend your energy on things that raise your vibe and improve your life.
  • Low vibe media: Everything you consume is shaping your reality. Be mindful of what you bring into your life. See if you can find positive YouTube channels, TV shows, and movies to enjoy instead.
  • Toxic relationships: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Avoid the energy vampires and go with soul-aligned friends instead.
  • Detox tea: Your body is actually really good at detoxing naturally.
  • Neglecting yourself: This is one I’ve personally been guilty of in recent years. But we’re taking our power back in 2024, and having self respect and taking care of ourselves is the vibe for 2024. Who’s with me?!

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Ins & Outs 2024 Glow Up List

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