High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide

High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide - Click for a full list of info and resources to help you get through this difficult time #goodvibes #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment

For so many of us, this is a difficult time. With everything going on worldwide related to current events, it’s easy to see why. Whether we’re directly involved with this or we’re worried for the safety of our loved ones and/or the world holistically, it’s a time when we can feel a lot of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. When challenging times happen, I believe it’s our duty to do whatever we can to help. For many of us, that’s simply staying home and social distancing to flatten the curve. For me, I want to create content that supports you during this time to help you with the same areas I usually cover – mindset, manifestation, and high vibes. Whilst I’m not an ER doctor saving lives on the front lines, I do believe that if we each do our best to support the communities around this, we’ll get through this together.

If you’re new here, be prepared to see a mix of practical plus woo tips, info, and ideas below. That’s how we like it here at The Chic Life. Without minimizing the seriousness of what’s going on, I believe all things can be handled in a high vibe way. This does NOT mean everything is positive and happy all the time. This DOES mean approaching whatever life throws at you:

  • showing up as your best self
  • uplifting others
  • and moving forward with the intention of strength, love, and kindness

Stay well, my friends! Sending you all good vibes!

NOTE: This is a living post – I will continue to update this so bookmark this, share it with a friend/loved one, and check back for updates soon! I’m creating a lot of fresh content to support you through this time, and I’ll be linking that below as it becomes available.

Quick Links

Here are some quick links to save you some scrolling with this High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide. Starting with one of my two primary areas of focus (mindset), followed by some other areas I thought would best support you in a high vibe way. With manifestation at the end.

Mindset: Overcoming Stress/Anxiety/Overwhelm + Positive Inspiration

The Practical Stuff: Important Info and Updates

The Good Stuff: Good News, Uplifting Stories, and Humor

How to Help

Home: Creating a Calm and Positive Home Environment

Food: Easy, Healthy Recipes to Enjoy

Fitness: Yes, You Can (And Should!) Still Work Out

General Health and Well Being

Manifestation: You Can Still Use Law of Attraction

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Click for a full list of info and resources to help you get through this difficult time. Get this High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide for mindset and well being the practical meets woo way #goodvibes #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment

Mindset: Overcoming Stress/Anxiety/Overwhelm + Positive Inspiration

Here are some posts to help you overcome any feelings of stress, anxiety, and/or overwhelm you may be feeling at this time. Plus, some positive inspiration to keep your vibes high. Whilst this is a challenging and difficult time, I try to move through all of life’s hardest times with a positive mindset. This approach has helped me overcome my biggest life challenges, and I hope it can help you too. We don’t get to choose when things will return to normal, but we DO get to choose how that time goes. I hope these posts can help you move forward with strength, kindness, and love.

How to deal with difficult times - Viktor Frankl quote. Click for the High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide. #inspirationalquote #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #selfwork #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #highvibes #selfcare #positivemindset #positivethinking #quote #anxiety

Dealing with Low Vibe Thoughts and Emotions

How to Overcome Turbulent Times Anxiety/Fear/Overwhelm the High Vibe Way – affirmations, breathing techniques, and other powerful techniques to help overcome anxiety, fear, and overwhelm

How to Get Out of Despair | 5 High Vibe Steps to Get Out of Negative Energy and Feeling Hopeful – what to do when you’re in despair / feeling very low and you want to feel better

Fostering Peace and Calm

5 High Vibrational Songs for Instant Calm Energy – play these to help de-stress and relax. These are also great for focus when you’re working and background music during meditation

11 Affirmations for Peace and Calm – say these powerful affirmations to shift away from low vibe energy and call in peaceful and calm energy

Encouraging/Growing/Fostering Positive Thoughts and Emotions

How to Start a Gratitude Practice | 6 Easy and Fun Ways (We may need gratitude now more than ever!)

How to Connect to Source Energy (For Raising Your Vibe, Getting Guidance from the Universe, and More)

How to Use Affirmation Cards (A Simple and Fun Way to Raise Your Vibe)

The Practical Stuff: Important Info and Updates

I’m not a doctor, nurse, or infectious disease specialist. But I can tell you that it’s important to stay informed with information from trusted and reliable sources. There’s a lot of misinformation going around, so please be careful.

Important Info Sources

Here’s where I’m going: CDC

Other Updates

  • Blogger and doctor Kelly of A Side of Sweet has been sharing some great IGTV updates with relevant info shared in a not scary way (especially great for those sensitive to the news) – click for her Instagram @asideofsweet

The Good Stuff: Good News, Uplifting Stories, and Humor

We all manage stressful times in different ways, and one way that has really helped me is by focusing on the good. I believe we can be informed, do our part, support our community, and also appreciate the kindness, support, and creativity of others. With a little humor thrown in the mix because, that can be helpful too.

Uplifting Stories

Some stories that have uplifted me:

  • The woman who bought groceries for a family who couldn’t pay at check out (via @lightworkers on IG)
  • The couple who paid $100 for $1 coconut candy because they said they knew the vendor was selling less due to social distancing (via @lightworkers on IG)
  • The neighborhood in Israel where they had an epic balcony party

Where to Go for Good / Uplifting / Positive News

Uplifting YouTube Accounts to Follow

Here are some YouTubers I admire who are putting out uplifting videos that will help us get through this time feeling a little more positive and hopeful. Included are inspirations of different types and areas of expertise.

  • Lavendaire: positive lifestyle, self care, and more
  • Leeor Alexandra: manifestation, meditation, and good vibes
  • Rowena Tsai: self care and personal development
  • Erin May Henry: uplifting female entrepreneur tips and inspiration for those of you building your empires while we’re stuck at home
  • The Chic Life: my channel! Just in case you didn’t know, I’m on YouTube, and I’m making content to to help you stay uplifted, supported, positive, and inspired.

Click here to learn more about these 5 channels and watch one of my favorite videos from each channel

How to Help

Let's uplift, support, and help each other in these turbulent times. Click for the High Vibe Turbulent Times Support Guide. #inspirationalquote #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #highvibes #spirituality #positivequote #positivethinking #quote

There are infinite ways to help at this time, and I believe every bit that we each do adds to the greater good. Imagine if each person did one kind, helpful, and/or supportive act for someone else? We would literally change the world for the better.

Here Are Some Ideas on Ways to Help

  • Stay in / social distance – this will support your medical teams more than you can imagine
  • Donate to charity – while we’re stuck at home, there are organizations out there on the front lines, and we can support them remotely with donations
  • Buy groceries for someone in need – someone in your local community may need help purchasing food – for example, many coffee shops in SF are creating methods of donating to their baristas and teams to help them buy groceries since they cannot work, and I’m sure you can find examples in your local community
  • Buy gift cards from your local restaurants – this will help them keep from going out of business before we’re allowed to dine out again
  • Order delivery from your local restaurants – I spoke with the owner from one of my favorite bakeries today, and she said the delivery orders are helping them stay afloat
  • Be kind and act with love – the way we do things truly is important, and you have the choice of how you move through this time – it does make a difference

Home: Creating a Calm and Positive Home Environment

In difficult times, I’ve made an extra focus to make my home a calm and positive environment. Having a place to feel good energy has really helped me deal with everything else going on outside. And now that we’re spending even more time in, this is a great time to do what we can to make our home spaces comfortable and soothing. Here are some ways I like to do this.


How to Raise Your Vibe with Music / High Vibrational Music – whilst this is geared towards raising your vibe, which you may be wanting to do, I also find the high vibrational music referenced in this post really helps me creating a relaxing and positive home environment. I actually have some on almost every morning.

5 High Vibrational Songs for Instant Calm Energy – play these in the morning and evening to create an environment of calm energy in your home

Food: Easy, Healthy Recipes to Enjoy

Those of you who have been here awhile may remember when The Chic Life was about healthy recipes! Whilst I no longer create recipes, I still love to cook easy, healthy, fast, fresh meals. And my old recipes are still online and available to you.

To me, there’s a big connection between healthy food and a happy mindset. When I’m eating delicious, healthy food that I enjoy, my mind is clear, confident, and happy. Though I also think some indulgent treats are an excellent addition to enjoy too! Balance is definitely the best way to enjoy what you’re eating.

My Healthy, Easy Recipes

Here’s what I’m eating on repeat – most are pantry/freezer friendly in case you’re having trouble getting groceries or haven’t been to the store recently. Others have a super short ingredient list. They’re keeping my stress levels down and my belly (and therefore mind) happy.

Roasted Veggies with Optional Sausage/Veggie-Sausage (currently my most repeated meal – so easy, set and forget, practically no clean up): cut veggies (I usually use broccoli, cauliflower, beets, brussel sprouts, and potatoes) and sausage (if using) into bite-sized pieces. Spread evenly on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Drizzle with EVOO, sprinkle. with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and any optional spice blend you like, use hands to toss and distribute evenly. Bake at 425 degrees F for 20-25 minutes, turning once halfway (or not at all if you’re lazy like me. Serve and enjoy! Note: I usually only put spices and oil on the veggies, not the sausage. Veggie-sausage typically bakes faster, so you may want to add that halfway through.

Whole Health Noodle Soup *Vegan* (Another great lazy recipe for when you want something hot and cozy – uses primarily pantry/freezer ingredients, though I’ll use fresh veggies if I have them – I usually use a mix)

Green Curry Tempeh Bowl Recipe

Easy Green Curry Bowl *Vegan* (I’ve been doing a variation of this with tofu instead of tempeh and adding lots of fresh veggies so it’s a complete meal in one pot)

This Spaghetti Pasta with Veggie Sausage and Marinara Recipe is so EASY and TASTY! Great for weeknight meal ideas for your busy work day dinners. This is mostly clean eating and you can use regular or veggie sausage. #recipe #healthy #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #cleaneating #dinner #dinnerrecipes #vegan #vegetarian #dinnerideas

Spaghetti Pasta with Marinara and Veggie Sausage *Vegan* (I make this when I’m feeling lazy haha – though I’m going to need to sub GF pasta now that I’ve found out I have a gluten sensitivity!)

Lazy Low Carb Fried Rice Recipe (Still Made with Rice!)

Lazy Low Carb Fried Rice *Vegan* (Uses mostly freezer ingredients – great use of frozen veggies)

Easy Spaghetti Squash Casserole *Vegetarian* (Variation: I made this recently and only used the squash, a jar of marinara, some spices, and fresh mozzarella – after cooking the squash, I stirred the shredded squash with jarred sauce inside the squash shell and topped with cheese, and baked – so easy!)

Mom's Get Well Soup - what I eat when I'm under the weather

Mom’s Get Well Soup (What I eat when I’m under the weather)

Click here for the rest of my recipes

Food Bloggers to Follow

Eating Bird Food: for beautiful, healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Kath Eats: for easy, clean, simple meal ideas and recipes plus healthy lifestyle tips

Fitness: Yes, You Can (And Should!) Still Work Out

Working out is good for your health, mindset, happiness, and immune system. Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that we can’t work out. In fact, there are many great resources online.

Streaming Live Classes

Some of my favorite instructors (and I) are streaming LIVE classes! Many are offering free classes, some accept optional donations, and some charge. Check the respective Instagram profiles and posts for the latest info on classes – schedules, costs, etc. Since most instructors are sharing class details on Insta, I’m linking IG accounts below.


Zumba Convention 2018 VLOG: Day 4 (Last Session, Opening Up, Challenge Yourself, Tips on Packing & Pacing Yourself)
{me at zumba convention 2018 with the asian invasion team}

me – @thechiclife: Zumba!

My favorite NYC vinyasa yoga instructor – Kate @k8sortino : yoga and meditation

My favorite NYC meditation instructor – Payal @parekhpayal : meditation and restorative yoga

ZES Team

For you Zumba enthusiasts, many Zumba Education Specialists are streaming classes. I put these guys in a separate group because they are the Zumba trainers from around the world bringing aspiring instructors into the ZIN network.

  • Gina and Dahrio Wonder – @g2dance : Zumba and hip hop dance fitness
  • Lindsey Taylor – @zumbalinztaylor : Zumba and Latin Pop
  • Kass Martin – @kassmartin : Zumba with maybe some country and old school tunes
  • Steve Boedt – @steveboedt : Zumba

And I hear some of these guys may even be collabing?

Fitness YouTube Channels

  • Blogilates: fun Pop Pilates
  • Sarah’s Day: healthy inspo with some (primarily bodyweight) workouts – many workouts do not require weights or equipment

General Health and Well Being the Woo Way

One of the best things you can do while you’re staying home is stay well. I’ll let you get medical advice from the pros (doctors and scientists), but here are some woo ideas.

10 Health Affirmations for Well Being

Natural Cold Remedies and Immunity Boosters (I can’t promise these will cure anything, but I like em!)

Manifestation: You Can Still Use Law of Attraction

As a Mindset and Manifestation Coach, I think it’s important to note that the Law of Attraction is always at play. So even though some of your previous manifestations may be delayed longer than you expected (I know some of mine were!), you can still work with Law of Attraction at this time. I mean, you are right now whether you intend to or not.

If you’re doing social distancing by staying at home, now may be a good time to learn more about Law of Attraction.

How to Manifest ANYTHING 2020 | Law of Attraction Explained for Beginners

Law of Attraction Tips for Beginners | 5 Manifestation Tips for Success

8 Law of Attraction Tips from Abraham Hicks to Manifest with Ease

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