In My Era Quotes (Healing, Happy, and More Inspirational Eras)

Looking for aesthetic In My Era Quotes graphics and pictures? You’re in luck! Because I’ve turned some of my favorite “I am in my era” quotes into vibey images for you. And we’re covering eras from healing to happy to soft girl to beyond. Keep reading for my collection inspirational In My Era Quotes.

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In My Era Meaning

So what does “In my era” even mean? To me, saying, “I’m in my ____ era” is you claiming a thematic energy for where you are in life now. Or where you want to go. Your era is an overarching theme for your vibe, plans, goals, desires, and dreams.

For example, if you’re In Your Healing Era:

  • You’re prioritizing your healing in life right now.
  • And you’re probably going to make choices and plan your schedule, goals, and more around the healing theme.
  • You may even make a vision board with a heavy or even 100% focus on healing.

What I like about choosing your In Your Era quote is that it helps you choose a focus. This is good for both manifestation and mindset.

We’re all about practical meet woo here at The Chic Life, so let’s discuss both…

Manifesting with Your Era

Choosing an era is almost like choosing a word of the year. And by claiming your era, you’re also setting a powerful intention with the Universe / God / your higher power.

You’re telling the Universe exactly what you want in life right now.

Don’t be surprised when the right people, places, and situations start coming to your life in relation to your chosen era. The Universe responds to what we put out, so you can use your era to call in the energy (and life) you want to attract and ultimately manifest your chosen era in many areas of your life.

Your Era and Your Mindset

Choosing an era sets a powerful intention with your mind as well. As you focus on your era, you’re telling your mind what’s important to you.

In response, your mind will give that theme greater attention and start to look for patterns and solutions in your everyday life.

Pretty cool, right?

So let’s find your era…

Inspirational In My Era Quotes

Here are some popular In My Era Quotes. Which one are you?

Tip: Pin your era to your Pinterest vision board.

In My Healing Era

In My Healing Era

Ready to embrace your healing era?

It’s time to prioritize:

As someone who has tried many healing modalities on my healing journey, I’m a huge fan of many types of healing.

Diana playing a gong surrounded by other sound healing instruments
Me doing my second sound healing certification. I LOVE healing and helping others on their healing journey. Sound healing is a great modality to try.

Healing modalities I’ve tried:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Aerial Yoga
  • Flotation Therapy
  • Regular Therapy
  • Using affirmations
  • Dance
  • Reiki
  • Prioritizing whole foods / nourishing my body
  • Sound healing
  • A grief retreat
  • Working with a naturopath (including supplements)
  • Trying adaptogens
  • Vocal toning
  • And probably other things I can’t remember

What I can say from my experience is that it often feels like you’re not even making a dent no matter how hard you try. But you are, even if you can’t see or feel it yet. Every little bit adds up until one day you find yourself feeling just…better. And it’s a beautiful thing.

You can heal mind, body, and soul. Do you believe it? I believe healing is possible for all of us. Keep going!

In My Highest Self Era

In My Highest Self Era

I love this In My Era quote because it reminds me of the quote:

Visualize your highest self and then show up as them.

(Get the affirmation version of this quote on my 100 Vision Board Affirmations blog post here)

It’s very “Act as if” as we say in the manifestation world.

What I love about “your highest self” is that it implies that it’s still you. That you’re not trying to change into a completely different person. But that you’re stepping closer into a new evolution of the you who is still *you* at your core.

And that’s lovely.

In My Rich Era

In My Rich Era

I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I want to be rich. After doing lots of work on my money mindset, I no longer see money as “bad” or “evil”. Money is just energy.

And I fully believe that money amplifies whoever you already are. So more money in the hands of lightworkers like us means we can do more good in the world! Yes!

So let’s call in our richest, most wealthy, and most abundant selves.

Want some help manifesting more money? Click here for my money manifestation affirmations.

In My Glow Up Era

In My Glow Up Era

Ready for your glow up era? Your time is now!

While some glow ups are more like complete makeovers, I love the idea of glowing up your natural self through health-boosting habits and goals. In fact, you can get my holistic Ultimate Glow Up Checklist (with free printable) here!

You don’t need to transform to someone else to glow up.

Step up your healthy habits and routines and you’ll glow from the inside out!

  • Hydrate
  • Prioritize whole foods and nutrient-dense foods with (mostly) healthy recipes
  • Do your morning and evening skincare and beauty routines
  • Find a makeup routine your love
  • Practice gratitude
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Move our body in a way you love
  • Use your devices less
  • And generally do things that help you feel naturally good

Here’s to glowing up!

Click here for 80 Amazing Glow Up Affirmations

In My Good Vibes Era

In My Good Vibes Era

Energy is everything!

While I don’t agree that we attract every single thing into our lives, I do think energy matters.

The higher your vibration, the better things you’ll attract into your life.

So doing your best to be in good vibes is important.

Now, we don’t want to fall into toxic positivity and gaslight ourselves. I don’t think it’s possible to be in positive energy 24/7.

But as someone who used to be primarily in negative / low vibe energy and who also shifted into high vibes, I believe we can manage our energy. We can choose to put more attention towards vibe raising activities and a high vibe lifestyle.

We can shift our overall vibration into new levels and let the Universe respond accordingly.

And the higher my vibes are, the better my life gets.

I like to think a similar vibrational shift will help others too!

So yay for being in our Good Vibes era!

In My Manifestation Era

In My Manifestation Era

Are you manifesting your dream life? Yesss – this era is you!

While manifestation has gotten incredibly trendy in recent years, it’s still a classic to me.

Manifestation is a powerful tool and even lifestyle to help you live the life you truly want.

Thoughts become things.

And when you’re in your manifestation era, you’re all about being intentional about which thoughts and ultimately emotions and actions you put out in the world because you know they are all attracting things back to you and creating your reality.

We’re all about manifestation here at The Chic Life. I’ve written a bunch of blog posts and made YouTube videos on the topic. Click here for my main Manifestation page where you can find links to my other content.

In My Peaceful Era

In My Peaceful Era

All about a peaceful life? Then this is your era from this list of In My Era quotes.

Whether you’ve always been a peace-oriented soul or you’ve intentionally decided to step away from drama and negativity, peace is your top priority.

To create your peaceful life, you are:

  • Creating and holding your boundaries
  • Turning away from drama
  • Pivoting negative thoughts to positive thoughts
  • Making space for self care and rest
  • Worrying less what others think of you
  • Leaning more into self love
  • Raising your vibration and keeping your vibe high
  • Doing yoga and/or joyful movement in ease
  • Meditating
  • Forcing less and flowing more

What other things are you doing to create, protect, and prioritize your peace?

In My Soft Girl Era

In My Soft Girl Era

Ready to slow down and soften in all areas of your life? Time for your Soft Girl Era.

Closely aligned and similar to your Peaceful Era.

For your Soft Girl Era, you are:

  • Following your joy
  • Avoiding useless arguments with others
  • Avoiding drama, gossip, and judgement
  • Prioritizing relationships that are aligned and support your highest good
  • Staying in your lane (and not worrying about what others are doing)
  • Receiving with ease (instead of hustling)
  • Letting abundance flow in all areas of your life
  • Owning your natural confidence
  • Relaxing and restoring
  • Making your home / space cozy and comfy
  • Tuning into yourself more (and tuning out distractions and unsolicited advice of others)
  • Avoiding comparing yourself to others and doing you
  • Coming more into alignment with yourself

What else would you do in your Soft Girl Era?

(Of all the In My Era Quotes, this one is resonating deeply with me personally. I may have to claim this era for myself in the new year)

Corgi sleeping on a couch looking cute
Bolt is in his soft girl era. 😉

In My Fit Girl Era

In My Fit Girl Era

Ready to get in the best shape of your life? It’s time for your fit girl era!

Let’s prioritize healthy eating, make time for our workouts & fitness goals, and stay committed to our healthy habits.

Remember to throw a little balance in there because eating only salads for every meal and working out every day isn’t healthy. Balance is not only more healthy but will help set you up for long term success.

In My Delulu Era

In My Delulu Era

Time to get a little “delusional” so you can dream bigger than ever.

Sometimes our minds can be so practical that we hold ourselves back and limit ourselves.

Enter being in your delulu era.

With a little more freedom of thought, we can be more expansive and create a bigger reality than we thought possible.

Full delusion is not recommended, but a little expansion to see what’s possible just might open your world to new possibilities!

(Of all the In My Era quotes, this one is probably the most controversial, but it is too fun to not include. While I have seen criticisms of the “delulu” term, we can choose our words and eras and make our own definition that aligns to our values.)

In My That Girl Era

In My That Girl Era

Ready to be That Girl?! This trend has been out for awhile now, but I had to add this to this In My Era quotes round-up.

The That Girl trend has caught some criticism is recent years for encouraging you to lose yourself in favor of trying to be someone else entirely.

That Girl + Keeping Yourself

But I actually think you can embrace being That Girl while still staying true to yourself.

Here at The Chic Life, alignment is one of our most foundational focuses. Alignment is all about being true to your deep down authentic self and honoring who you naturally are.

So how can we become That Girl while staying aligned?

I believe it’s all about focusing less on changing yourself and focusing more on your evolution.

Change is inevitable. We are already different versions of ourselves than last year, 5 years ago, and certainly 10 years ago.

For me, embracing your evolution is less about superficial change and more about being intentional with where you want your change to go while making sure it’s aligned to your true you.

That Girl + Staying Authentic

When you see a How to Be That Girl list, use it as a guideline but only do what feels good and authentic to you.

Now that being said, sometimes we don’t know all the ins and outs of ourselves. Maybe we’re trying to figure out exactly who we are and what we like. Or maybe that was just me? Lol!

In this case, I find it helpful to be curious and try things to see how they feel. Almost like trying clothes on. Do you like how it feels or not? Does it work for you? Do you feel like a million bucks or do you find yourself eager to rip the clothes from your body and burn them?

Listen to your heart, gut, soul, or whatever you tune into. You know the way.

For example, if the That Girl list you found on Pinterest says to wake up 5am and you know in your heart that you’re a night owl and waking up early is going to hurt your health and energy, don’t feel obligated to wake up so early.

Do you!

Be curious, explore, try new things, and play. But remember – you have the final word on what That Girl means to you. 😉

Diana sitting on a yoga mat in yoga class.
If I see a That Girl list with “running” on it, I’m going to run the other way! jk. But seriously, modify the That Girl, Glow Up, and other lists to best suit YOU. If the list has running on it, I’m going to do yoga instead. But that’s just what works for me. Find what works for you! 😉

In My Me Era

In My Me Era

So if the That Girl Era doesn’t resonate with you or you’re just tired of continuously trying to be someone other than yourself (I’ve been there!), then maybe the Me Era is for you?

While many of the other In My Era Quotes can take you away from yourself if you’re not doing them with a foundational intention to stay in alignment, this one is for sure all about YOU.

Me Era is all about saying f*ck what others think, I’m gonna do ME!

You’re done with:

  • meeting the expectations of others and contorting yourself to make others happy.
  • doing what’s trendy or what others are telling you that you should do.

You’re ready to tune in and listen to your own inner wisdom.

This is your time to do YOU!

In My Aligned Era

In My Aligned Era

While that girl, it girl, becoming her, and glow up trends are fun…May they all help you find your most aligned you.

Trying to be someone else when it makes who you really are wrong is not the vibe.

You don’t have to fix yourself because you’re not broken.

Love where you are while you evolve.

Alignment to your authentic self is so important and is also the pathway to success through ease & flow.

Of all the In My Era Quotes, this one is the most foundational. Feel free to pair this with another era you love.

In My Self Love Era

In My Self Love Era

Let’s call more self love to our lives with this aesthetic self love quote + picture.

I’m ready to be in my self love era. What about you?

Less negative self talk. More speaking kindly to ourselves, more giving ourselves the love we so freely give others.

And definitely more remembering our self-worth. You were born worthy. Always have been. Always will be!

Here’s to loving ourselves!

Click here for my round-up of the best self-love manifestation affirmations.

In My Happy Era

In My Happy Era

If you’re ready to prioritize your happiness, you are in your Happy Era!

What makes you happy? How can you do more of that? How can you make more space for your joy?

Consider journaling on those questions. Make some happiness lists. And go do things that make you happy!


Summary: In My Era Quotes

Your era is your current theme and focus in life.

Claiming your era can be a powerful way to tell the Universe / God / your Higher Power what you want in life now and help you with manifestation success.

And it’s also helpful for telling your mindset what you want so it can help support you on a practical level.

Eras are also super fun, and the aesthetic In My Era Quotes graphics can be great to share or put on your vision board!


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Thank you for checking out my blog post In My Era Quotes (Healing, Happy, and More Inspirational Eras)!

Comment below? Which era are you?

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