2024 Vision Board Ideas and Examples

Want some vision board inspiration in 2024? Keep reading for my 2024 Vision Board Ideas and Examples. I also created some graphics you can pin to your Pinterest vision board, add to your digital vision board, or print for your physical vision board. Let’s make 2024 magic!

2024 Vision Board Ideas & Examples

Vision Board Basics

A vision board (sometimes also called a dream board) is a visual representation of your dream life. It’s a manifestation technique you can use to let the Universe / God / your Higher Power know what you want in life and call into your reality.

This post is specific to *2024* ideas, trends, themes, and examples.

For Vision Board basics (think evergreen ideas, FAQ, etc. that are useful every year), check out these posts:

Let’s discuss what I’m seeing for 2024 vision board ideas and examples.

2024 Vision Board Examples

Right now, *aesthetic* vision boards are suuuper popular. And with all of the amazing design tools so easily in reach paired with “romanticizing your life” a major thing, it makes sense.

Why not romanticize your vision board, too, am I right?

Here are some aesthetic 2024 vision board examples you can use for inspiration.

Pink Aesthetic 2024 Dream Board Example

Pink aesthetic vision board. This collage features themes like wealth, love, travel, friendship, and health goals. There are images of chic women, pink affirmations, quotes, and other aesthetic graphics.

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I had a blast putting this together for you.

Themes include:

This is basically a general dream life example with a focus on a color theme in pink tones.

Health Goals Vision Board Example 2024

Healthy lifestyle and health goals vision board example 2024. This is a colorful collage of images of healthy workouts, food, smoothies, and lifestyle overall.

Many people make vision boards that have a specific, overarching theme. The overall theme of this board is all about enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Themes include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Hydrating / drinking more water
  • Working out / fitness / body movement
  • Stretching / flexibility
  • Strength
  • Consistency
  • Health affirmations

This vision board would be great to put up to not only help you manifest your health goals but also use for motivation from a practical, day-to-day perspective.

Neutral Aesthetic Vision Board Example 2024

Neutral vision board aesthetic for a 2024 vision board example. This is a collage of photos, quotes, and affirmations.

While old-school vision boards of days past relied on magazine cut-outs, new-school vision boards have all the images online available. So an on-style, neutral vision board is much easier these days.

Themes include:

  • Romanticizing your life
  • Travel
  • Health and wellness
  • Healthy eating
  • Yoga / flexibility / stretching
  • love / relationships
  • Crystals, spirituality
  • Positive affirmations

This is a pretty trendy vision board both in themes and neutral color-scheme with an overall ideal life theme. Of the examples I’ve put together for 2024, this one has the most words on it – affirmations + a general colorful vision board word (joy).

Positive & Healthy Lifestyle Vision Board Example 2024

Colorful green, blue, and neutral 2024 vision board example. This is a collage of positive images, quotes, and affirmations. The themes include travel, healthy living, abundance, and peace with lots of aesthetic images.

This vision board example feels like a mix of the previous two: colorful healthy lifestyle + aesthetic neutral.

Themes include:

  • Balanced healthy living / Balance
  • Fun / joy / play
  • Healthy living
  • Hydration
  • Meditation / peace
  • Love
  • Money
  • Travel / beach
  • Positivity

This vision board feels very happy and fresh while having a bright and cohesive visual style.

Neutral + Luxury + Rich Girl Vibes Vision Board Example 2024

Neutral and edgy vision board aesthetic. This collage features photos of money, women working out, travel, coffee, luxury cars, and other dream life aesthetic ideas.

Money is a big theme in 2024, and this vision board has rich girl era / wealthy woman vibes for sure.

Themes include:

  • Luxury / new car
  • Rich girl era / money
  • Health / strength
  • Yoga
  • Travel
  • Love
  • Journaling / personal development
  • Aesthetic lifestyle overall

The cool thing about vision boards is that they can hold multiple themes together. While the overall vibe is definitely about wealth, this also easily brings together great dream life themes like travel, health, and love.

It would be a great to add some money manifestation affirmations to this gorgeous vision board to make the money affirmation energy even more powerful.

Note: Your vision board does not have to look anything like this. I sort of geeked out on making these super pretty. But the classic magazine cut-out style that is more organic and freestyle is aways a good idea.

Hope you enjoy these vision board examples. May they inspire you to make your own idea of the perfect vision board.

At the end of the day, you want to make a vision board that resonates most strongly with YOU. The Universe doesn’t care what your vision board looks like. It works fastest with the. ones you feel good making and using!


2024 Vision Board Ideas

Here are some current popular themes you can use on your 2024 vision board. Pin these to your 2024 Pinterest vision board, add them to your digital vision board, or print them for your paper vision board with your other vision board supplies.

These positive quotes and words are perfect for helping you call in the 2024 of your dreams.

2024 Is My Year

2024 Is My Year

Claim 2024 as *your* year. It’s your year to make all your dreams come true!

This is a great and empowering message to get you into the energy of making big moves in 2024.

2024 Is My Year

Here’s another version of the above graphic in a neutral tone.

2024: The Year I Shine

2024 The Year I Shine

Especially if 2023 was tough, it’s time to break from the darkness of the past and claim your place in the light.

I also love this one for anyone who has dealt with a relationship (love, friendship, etc.) that has caused you to dull your sparkle.

We’re no longer available for anything or anyone who makes us play small.

It’s time to shine, friend!

2024 Is the Year I Become Her

2024 Is the Year I Become Her

As you’ll see in the trends section below, “Becoming Her” is a big theme for 2024. This idea is really the same as the manifestation technique to “Act As If”. You think about what the ideal future version of you is like and then act like them to become them!

Are you ready to become your dream-you?

2024 My Best Year Yet

2024 My Best Year Yet

It’s time to enjoy your best year yet! I fully believe it’s possible that every year can be better than the one before. We’re all about leveling up here at The Chic Life.

And I’m not talking about bro-hustle culture. I’m talking about the idea that we can become more aligned and more fully enjoy our lives year after year in a way that feels easy and effortless.

2024 My Glow Up Year

2024 My Glow Up Year

I know the “Glow Up” trend has been around for awhile now, but it’s still a thing. And why not? I personally love the idea of a glow up.

Maybe because I grew up in the 90s and always loved a good makeover scene.

Except these days, we’re doing them in a more soul-aligned way.

I believe a glow up should be about unlearning what others and society have told us to be and becoming more fully ourselves. It’s not about having the most expensive clothes or fanciest car. It’s about having true self love and confidence and showing up as your best self, whatever that looks like to you.

2024 The Year I Glow Up

Here’s a bright and fun yellow color-way for anyone who loves the Glow Up theme.

2024 The Year I Bloom

2024 The Year I Bloom

This theme goes out to those of you have had a challenging year (or past couple of years). I know what it’s like to go through dark times. From resetting my life, to getting divorced, to dealing with trauma, and even overcoming severe burnout. Sometimes you feel like you’ll never see the light again.

But in times of darkness, I like to think of this quote:

โ€œSometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.โ€

~ Christine Caine

So maybe last year you weren’t buried. You were planted. And now it’s time to bloom!

Here’s to new beginnings!

2024 The Year I Win

2024 The Year I Win

I’m sharing my personal 2023 theme in case you want to use it in 2024.

To be a bit vulnerable for a minute, I’ve felt like an underdog for most of my life. It has felt like the cards have been stacked against me many times. And I’ve overcome some really difficult stuff.

On top of that, I’ve held myself back from opportunity after opportunity because deep down I did not believe I was good enough.

But I’ve decided that it’s time to WIN in life! And maybe you’re feeling the same.

If so, let’s make 2024 the year you WIN!

2024 The Year I Take My Power Back

2024 The Year I Take My Power Back

Ready to take your power back? Whether you had a tough 2023 or are recovering from life challenges, 2024 could be the year you step back into your power. Use this graphic to tell the Universe / God / your Higher Power that you’re ready.

Remember: you have the power to change your life now!

2024 The Year of My Dreams

2024 The Year of My Dreams

Maybe you’re simply ready to step into your dream life in 2024. If so, this graphic and positive quote is for you!

I’m a HUGE fan of going after your dreams in life, so this is a wonderful theme for my fellow big dream chasers. I like how this theme has a light and uplifting energy to it. So high vibe! Yesss!

Hope you enjoyed these 2024 vision board ideas and examples so far.

Now let’s recap with some themes that have emerged from the above topics and images.

2024 Vision Board Intentions

Who else loves setting intentions? Intentions are like goals but less specific. A best practice for goals is to make them SMART, which includes making them detailed and very specific. Intentions are more like general themes or directions.

Here are some 2024 Vision Board Intention ideas with graphics you can put on your dream board.

Side note: you can even use some of the above ideas and vision board words as intentions if you’d like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

More Self Love in 2024

Text says "More Self Love in 2024" over a light pink background with a glowing heart background image

Who doesn’t want. more self love in their life? Whilst it’s taken me decades to get to a place where I can say I authentically love myself, even I could use more self love. Why not?!

Better Health in 2024

Text says "Better Health in 2024" over a pastel green background.

One of the most common themes for goals, intentions, and New Year Resolutions is of course health. Whether you want to feel better, get into the best shape of your life, lose weight, or tackle another health goal, better health is always a good idea.

More Self Care in 2024

Text says "More Self Care in 2024" over a light pink background

Whilst hustle culture is finally getting de-prioritized by many, there are still many of us who are in workaholic mode. Or perhaps in martyr mode where you simply put the needs of everyone else in your life ahead of your own needs.

But guess what? You deserve rest, balance, and yes – self care – too!

Maybe 2024 is the year you call in more self care?

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2024 Vision Board Trends

2024 Vision Board. Light pink background.

While gathering these 2024 vision board ideas and examples, I noticed some trends. Most of the 2024 vision board trends I’m seeing in my research are visually depicted above.

But let’s recap some themes I’m seeing a lot online.

Digital Vision Boards (Pinterest + Canva)

When I first started making vision boards, digital vision boards weren’t really a thing. We went old-school and used poster board and magazine cut-outs. And while those are still great, I’m seeing lots of excitement around Pinterest vision boards and digital vision boards made on Canva.

Any format of vision board can work, so go with whichever format you personally prefer.

Not sure? Vision boards are playful and fun! So play with them and see how you feel about them through your experience.

Learn more about different vision board options and styles on my Ultimate Vision Board Guide here.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are BLOWING UP for vision boards right now. And it makes sense. Affirmations are such a powerful manifestation tool. So why not use them to clarify your dream life on your vision board.

I have thousands of positive affirmations all over my blog for self love, confidence, money, love, and health. And I have new affirmation round-ups coming soon, so stayed tuned for more!

Click here for 100 Best Vision Board Affirmations (this is a collection of the affirmations that I think are perfect for vision boards across multiple areas and themes)

Money / Rich Girl Era

Money is a hot topic these days. Not only does it seem like people are more stressed about money than usual, but a rich life aesthetic is picking up steam overall.

To call your rich girl/guy/person era in, add images of luxury goods, things you’d buy if you were already rich, money manifestation affirmations, and literal images of money.

Travel / Adventure Lifestyle

Another theme I’m seeing A LOT online is travel / adventure. Probably a result of us moving further and further from the p-word that shut the world down. Many of us are wanting to get out and see the world! ๐ŸŒ

To call in your dream travels, add images from places you’d like to visit, names of cities/countries/places you want to see, and even colorful vision board words like “travel” or “adventure”.

I actually manifested moving cross-country in 2018 using a Pinterest vision board, and I think travel manifestation is very fun with vision boards.

Becoming Her

An emerging trend I’m seeing making its way into 2024 is related to the Becoming Her 6-Month Challenge.

Becoming Her is all about writing down what the ideal version of you is like and acting like her until you become her. (or him or them)

This is basically a more specific version of the famous Law of Attraction technique to “Act as if”.

While the Act as If approach is more general, Becoming Her is generally set to happen during a 6-month period with specific focus areas outlined.

So you can definitely make a vision board to help you become her/ him / them in 2024!

And those are our 2024 vision board trends.

Of course the classics are always a good idea: health goals, wellness, and dream life vibes.

And trends are fun to look at.

Whatever you do, make sure that your vision board is most aligned to YOU. ๐Ÿ˜‰


More Vision Board Tips and Ideas

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog post on 2024 Vision Board Ideas and Examples. Hope you found some inspiration to help you make your best vision board yet.

What’s your theme for your 2024 vision board? Comment below!

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